1850 Pre-tournament Guard Stomp

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1850 Pre-tournament Guard Stomp

Post by librisrouge on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:08 am

I decided to give my new 1850 list a run through before taking it to a tournament (you can't rush these things after all) so I decided a good 'ol fashion guard stomp was in order (it's not like we're running out of guardsmen.) Note: All directions are from my perspective.

I took this list: http://greyknights.forumotion.com/t1760-1850-inquisition#28721

He took this list:
CCS - Power sword and Plasma Pistol, Plasmagun x3, Medicae
Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi-Laser, and Extra Armor
Stormtrooper x10 - Meltagun x2
Stormtrooper x10 - Meltagun x2
Veteran Squad x10 - Meltagun x3 and Power Weapon
Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi-Laser, and Extra Armor
Veteran Squad x10 - Meltagun x3 and Power Weapon
Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi-Laser, and Extra Armor
Veteran Squad x10 - Meltagun x3 and Power Weapon
Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi-Laser, and Extra Armor
Veteran Squad x10 - Plasmagun x3 and Power Weapon
Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi-Laser, and Extra Armor
Veteran Squad x10 - Plasmagun x3 and Power Weapon
Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi-Laser, and Extra Armor
Scout Sentinel x3 - Multi-Laser
Hellhound - Multi-Melta and Extra Armor

We played Pitched Battle and Seize Ground (3 Objectives)
All the objectives were on my side of the table. They were, left to right, in a ruin, on a hill, and in a river (difficult terrain, no cover.)
He went first and I failed to Seize the Initiative

I deployed my melta squad with GK LR on the Left and the plasma and flamer squads with the GKT LRC on the right. The Vindicare infiltrated into a ruin on the right.
He deployed a Melta and Plasma squad and the CCS with the Hellhound on the left and the remaining squads on the right. The Stormtroopers and Sentinels were kept in reserve. Ratlings infiltrated to a hill on the far left corner.

Turn One:
He moved up with everything and popped smoke on all forward-most vehicles. A few multi-lasers fired to no effect.

I moved the melta squad up and disembarked them. Plasmas bee-lined for the river while the Crusade setup to hit the Chimeras. The Flamer unit moved between my two fronts. All Rhinos popped smoke.
The Vindicare Assassin missed the Turbo-Pen round (bah!) while the Crusader mauled a Chimera side armor (taking off a gun and stunning I think.) The LR blew the Hellhound to ... well hell. The melta sqaud fired long range at a Chimera (they were supposed to take out the Hellhound but that's been dealt with) and stunned it.

Turn Two:
One stormtrooper squad came in from reserve and deep struck too far from the LRC to get a good shot. The stunned Chimeras held back his movement a bit so the CCS moved to my far left to hid behind the ruins hoping to make a grab for contesting the objective. Shooting took the Storm Bolter off the flamer and melta chimera, a wound off the inquisitor, and killed a single IST. Meltaguns took long range shots at the LRC doing zip.

My flamer squad disembarked and flamed the stormtroopers killing five between hellguns and flamers; the vindicare hellfired a meltagunner from the squad and they ran away. The Melta squad blew up a plasma veteran chimera (losing one IST and killing two veterans.) My Inquisitor would charge the squad with no wounds on either side. The LRC tries to maul the same Chimera to no effect.

Turn Three:
Sentinels ouflank on my left. They and a bunch of meltas (long range) and multi-lasers fail to phase the melta Rhino (bad luck there.) The LRC loses it's TL Assault Cannon and is immobilized by enemy fire with a chimera fails to injure the assassin. In assault he deals one wound to the ISTs and runs them down. Plasma ISTs lose their Rhino and two members.

I decide it's time to strike while the metals hot. The GKs disembark the get revenge for the fallen Inquisitor killing the whole veteran squad with incinerators. The GKT disembark and prepare to charge two Veteran Chimeras (blowing both up.) Flamer ISTs get back in their Rhino for safety. The LR and Plasma ISTs fail to do anything.

Turn Four:
He tries to make me pay for getting out of the Land Raiders. Three sqauads and one chimera kill four terminators and take two wound off the Grandmaster. Loads of shots only kill one GK thanks to good saves. The Melta Rhino is Shaken again. Deep Striking Stormtroopers attempt to do the better than the last squad but do the exact same.

My Flamer ISTs do the same to this squad as the last but Hurricane bolters help them out wiping out the squad. The Grandmaster breaks from the squad to go five for five finishing off one veteran squad. The two terminators take out the other veteran from the Chimera that was killed. The Plasma ISTs stun the last Chimera over on the right and blow the heavy flamer off. GKs charge the CCS Chimera blowing it up and killing two. The LR takes out a Sentinel and blows off the multi-laser from another.

Turn Five:
The last Veteran Squad on the right disembarks and enters the ruins that the Vindicare assassin is in (the Grand Master scares them.) Their plasma shots finish the Retinue (just realized I couldn't leave them, doh!) but they lose all three plasmagunners to overheat. All fire on the right goes to killing the GKs but only take out six (they were in cover.)

The Flamer ISTs get back in their Rhino and claim the center objective. Plasma ISTs destroy the last Chimera on the right while moving to that objective. The GM and Vindicare charge the right veterans squad, killing all but one who runs and it caught by the assassin. GKs double charge the CCS and the two Sentinels. They kill one Sentinel and the CCS for no casualties. The last one still contests the left objective.

Game Ends on a 3

I have: 4 GKs, GM, Vindicare, a damaged LRC, a LR, two IST squads (plasma and flamer), and two Rhinos.
He has: One Plasma Veteran squad, one damaged Chimera, and one sentinel

I have two objectives with the third being contested.


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