Knights Camlann

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Knights Camlann

Post by Rion on Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:14 pm

Took me a couple hours to write cause I had to refine a few ideas but here it is.

Founding: Unknown

Primarch: Unknown

Progenitor: Unknown

The world of Camlann is the home world to Knights Camlann from which they draw both recruits and name. A lush temperate world Camlann is technologically advanced Medieval World where both architecture, government, and lifestyle are reminiscent of Medieval Europe, although it's art and music are more in tuned with the rest of the Imperium. The Knights Camlann while known to the world's populace, maintain a Stewardship style of control, leaving the day to day operations of the planet to it's noble class, headed by a noble family appointed by the Lord Commander, and changed when each head of family (who is referred to as Steward) dies. This choice is based on which family show's both in word and in practice that they are benevolent, firm, just, and noble in they're dealings with the common people. It is not uncommon for a family to be given Stewardship for several generations if they next head of family proves to uphold they're processors ideals. While the ruling nobles run the day to day that is not to say the Lord Commander of the Knights Camlann doesn't keep up to date with his planet. In fact when he is not at war it is customary for the Lord Commander to meet with his Steward at least once a month so he may be coordinate the running of the planet.

Trial of Steel: In order for an aspirant to become an Knight of Camlann he must first pass the Trial of Steel. In it's basic form the Trial of Steel is a Blood Duel held every few years. Aspirants, free men no older then 14 (both noble and commoner), duel in ritualized no-holds-barred combat with blunted metal swords. In which Aspirants with fight until one is at deaths door (he is saved by the chapter's Apothecaries: for if he fought well enough his decedents may yet prove to be worthy otherwise he will be left to die), then the victor is moved on to the next round until only a dozen or so, out of hundreds, remain, from there having proved their martial prowess, are lined before none other then the chapter's Chief Librarian, who having watched every single duel selects which aspirants are worthy, having deeply scryed their souls as they dueled. Those who possess the mental fortitude to sense even the faintest trace of his mental probe rarely fail to be selected. The selection finalized the Aspirants begin they’re journey to become Space Marines.

Combat Doctrine: The Knights Camlann are well versed in all aspects of warfare was laid out in the Codex Astartes. However they prefer a special kind of battle line, reminiscent of warfare long past. Each Battle Company is in fact divided up into only 2 elements. Archer Squads: formed by scouts squads, devastator squads as well as the Companies slower moving vehicles; Archer squads form the anchor points for their comrade’s battle line giving up their own personal gains of honor and glory to support their brethren. And Lancer Squads: Formed by Assault Squads and the Chapters fast moving vehicles Lancer Squads form the spear head of any attack piercing strait to an enemies heart.

Chapter Beliefs: Knights Camlann believe heavily in the concept of Honor, Faith, and swift death to their enemies. The scouts and devastator squads of the Archer units are mostly made up of the chapters Neophytes as dictated in the Codex and as such it is considers a great honor, second only to appointment to 1st Company, to be asked to serve a combat rotation as a sergeant in one of these squads as it is a chance to mentor the younger generations of Knights Camlann but it also shows that they are willing to sacrifice a chance at personal glory and honor to support their brothers. Although the Lord Commander, or Chapter Master, must lead his forces from the front, for how can he ask them to follow when he will not lead the charge?

Knights Camlann consider his honor to follow in the hierarchy of: The Emperor (therefore the Imperium as a whole), Chapter (often as personified by the Lord Commander), Company, Squad, Personal. A Knight Camlann also considers each space marine, be he from his Chapter or not, his brother in arms and will fight for him and beside him as such. This also extends to the Imperial Guard and many of the Knight’s Captains are loath to use the Hammer of the Emperor as a mere tool to used and discarded. Knights Camlann also share the Salamanders view of each human life is precious and therefore worthy of their respect and protection.

Proginitor/Primarch/Founding: The name of any of these three have been long lost to the winds of time. Although the stability of their Gene-Seeds has lead some to theorize that the Knights Camlann are a descendant of the Ultramarine chapter. Although they’re preference for Jump Pack assaults and modification to their engines resemble those of the Blood Angels Lucifer-Pattern Engine, as well as their ferocity in close quarters combat, may also point to creation from the Sons of Baal. Although finding the truth to any of these questions is a passing curiosity to the Knights Camlann they are not actively seeking answers to these questions as they believe it allows them to focus on their devotion to the Emperor and their mission to protect his domain.


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Re: Knights Camlann

Post by Klomster on Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:27 am

Not bad.

But i think i'm gonna be a grammar nazi Twisted Evil

They're = They are. Just mentally replace ' with an A and you are mostly right.
Their = Possesion, someone owns something. "Their psycannon."
There = A place. "I want covering fire from the archer squads over there."

Now happy hunting to you Very Happy

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