1750 list for club play

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1750 list for club play

Post by delstuart on Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:07 pm

hi guys

this is the list im gonna run at club , seem ok?

grand master (rad , psycotroke grenades, , halberd)

Librarian (might of titans , quicksilver , sanctuary , halberd)

5 man terminator squad ( 2 x halberd , 1 x psy + halberd, 1 x hammer , 1 x sword)

10 man terminator squad (2 x hammer , 2 x psycannon + halberd, 6 halberds , psybolt rounds)

5 paladins (apothecary w halberd , 1 x psycannon + halberd , 1 x psycannon + sword , 1 x halberd , 1 x hammer)

Dreadnought 2 x TL autocannons , psybolt ammo

Dreadknight , nemesis greatsword


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Re: 1750 list for club play

Post by Corennus on Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:14 am

ok let's see points:

Grand Master 210

Librarian 170

Paladins 390

Terminator Squad (5 man) 225

Terminator Squad (10 man) 470

Dreadnought 135

Dreadknight 155


5 points over so i'll say lose halberd on librarian....

Ok let's start looking at your army.

Are you deep striking everything? Apart from dreadnought...

The big thing I think with this list is in a way it's underpowered (!!!)

Let me explain.

Your Big Bad Paladin squad (I assume with librarian?) is fine. it's a big anvil to break enemy units on.

Your terminator squads....I REALLY wouldn't take terminators over Strike Squads. That 10 man Terminator squad is costing 470 points...that's more than full 2 strike squads with 4 psycannons plus they don't have any funky powers beyond Hammerhand.

Your Dreadnought is a huge sitting target. With no other armour on the field at the start of the game he's going to be the focus of every lascannon, melta, lance......
If you want to do dreadnoughts safety and firepower comes in numbers. take 2 minimum, preferably 3!
You have the right idea on loadout though

EEK. A Close Combat Dreadknight. No shooting attack at all, and no teleport ability..
I never use teleporters, silly expensive points for a single move you might not use. What I DO advocate is Heavy Incinerator and Greatsword! Yes it's 185 points of dreadknight but anything not in power armour or better is DEAD, and even power armour might lose some saves. It makes your dreadknight that bit deadlier.

Grand Master. What Grand Strategy are you taking? Paladin Squad as troops? I really think he's being wasted. those 25 points are a waste. Or are you making your Dreadknight a scout? I don't think it's worth it again...
Change him to a Brother Captain if you want everything Grand Master can do at cheaper points. Oh and he's I5 already so Halberd isn't best option, stick with sword.
What I would do is actually get rid of him altogether and instead take a very cheap inquisitor with psychic communion. That way you get 3+ deep strike on turn 2...

Librarian: If it IS a deepstrike list then you NEED a teleport homer on him. Get him down on turn 2 with the paladin squad then deep strike everything on to him with no scatter. He really doesn't need the halberd. What he does need is a sword to make his inv saves 4++ in CC, or even a Warding Stave.
As far as powers go put warp stabilisation fields on your dreadknight and dreadnoughts (see the plural) and take Summoning along with other powers. Also if you're using Quicksilver your Paladins or whoever the Librarian goes with DON'T NEED HALBERDS

So let's see about recommendations in a list:

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Psychic Communion with Force Sword

Teleport Homer, Might of Titan, The Summoning, Sanctuary, Quicksilver


Paladin Squad (5 man)
M/C Daemonhammer


Terminator Squad (5 man)
Halberds x 3
M/C Daemonhammer

Strike Squad (10 man)
Psycannons x 2

Strike Squad (10 man)
Psycannons x 2


T-L Autocannons w/ Psyammo

T-L Autocannons w/ Psyammo

Heavy Incinerator
Nemesis Greatsword
Warp Stabilisation Field

Hope this helps

TACTIC: HIDE your inquisitor out of line of sight 1st turn in a building so he can't get shot. Make sure you go second, and then on turn 2 get your paladin squad and librarian down FIRST, then bring in everything else you can including dreadknight within 6" of Paladin squad.
Have your dreadnoughts in cover on edge of battlefield able to fire from the word go, and wish your knights luck!

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