1500pts tournament lists PURE GK NOW

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1500pts tournament lists PURE GK NOW

Post by Hamsterjoe on Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:08 am

Okay guys. Im most likely to play in a tournament around easter and I need some help on deciding on a list so i can practice on it.
I also need to know what models i need to bring back home... and maybe buy some aswell. So i need all your C&C. Dont be soft Razz

I've dropped the imperial guard and want to make this a pure GK army and try it out Smile

Im kinda fond of this one.

Grandmaster. MC-nemesis, psycannon, hammerhand.
no retinue. Joins either the 8 PAGK or elite termies. He basically is just there to get another psycannon in the list.

Brothercaptain, psycannon
3 termies, psycannon

8 Greyknights. 1 Incinerator, targeter, mc nemesis. Goes in the landraider maybe
7 Greyknights. 2 psycannons, targeter. (objective holder)

Dread with twinlinked lascannon, incenerator, blessed, extra armour.
Dread with assault cannon, incinerator, extra armour, smoke launchers
Landraider godhammer

The idea is to put the 8 PAGK in the landraider and have them flame some guys and then assault.
The termies are marching and supporting with their psycannons. The grandmaster might go with the PAGK. I dont know. If experience shows that its best to put the termies in the raider then i can do so.


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