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1850pt tournament list Empty 1850pt tournament list

Post by first strike on Wed May 07, 2014 6:10 pm

Before we start there is one major rule for list creation in this tournament
You can only have one double in the force outside of H.Q
So this means if you have 2 strike squads you cannot have 2 storm ravens, you can however have 2 strike squads with 2 razorbacks as they are one entry in the FOC.
Also when rolling for warlord you roll the dice and then pick one from the lists available
So the list

Grand master with psi cannon
(troops will be hard to come by so he is a must in my opp)
Inquisitor with psi cannon and terminator  with psi level 1
(good value for what you get, 3W and T4 when in the right squad (from shooting) wrapped in a 2+ save)
Vindie assassin
(Kiss goodbye your tanks and fortresses)
Purifiers x 7, psi bolts, 2x incins
(there to take on hoards and blobs)
7x strike squad, psi bolts and 1 psi cannon
(solid troop choice)
6x terminators with 1 psi cannon, psi bolts and bro banner
(G.M and inquisitor in here 3 x twin linked psi cannons anybody?)
Storm raven with las and melta
(for some games the purifiers will be in here, think against gunline and such but against say orks boy rush they will be on board)
(keeping it cheep, and still hand it out to terminators and Vech and I think I have enough to handle normal men)
7x Interceptors with psi blots, hammer and incin
(we all know what they are for)
2 x Psi rifle dreads
(shoot shoot and shoot some more)
first strike
first strike
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