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Grey Alpha Wolf

Post by alter359 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:02 pm

I need opinions brothers,
1850 GK plus Puppy ally

Mordrak with 5 ghosts (4x Halberd 1 hammer)
=][= Malleus TDA Psycannon PML 1

10 GKSS , Psycannon Incinerator, 5 Halberd Rhino
5 Terminators, 5 Halberd
Storm raven, HB, Assault cannon, melta, pb
DK , PT incinerator

Rune priest, rune armor bolt pistol chooser LLC Jaws

10 Hunters 2x melta MotW standard Pod

Rp hangs in the back with his shenanigans, =][= attaches to Mordrak dk shunts first turn with the pod full of puppies dropping in front of the toughest tank, Strategy gives GKSS Scout so they are at the enemy deployment zone turn one as well and the terminators can outflank, while the raven comes in turn 2 for its but kicking shenanigans.

What say you? By the way this us a FUN list obviously, not really tournament, but I may try if it goes well Wink


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