1750points. 2 storm raven and 2 dreadknight list.

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1750points. 2 storm raven and 2 dreadknight list.

Post by sneakybert on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:41 pm

I seem to be changeing my lists around all the time and this is building on my 1 storm raven& 1 dreadknight list that i have had success with in the past, i have toyed with the idea of using landraiders but i cant think of any exiting ways of incorperating them into my army. I choose units as much for their effectiveness as i do for their models, and i think i am the only person in the entire universe who realy likes the storm raven.

HQ- Librarian (Halberd, might of titan, sanctuary, warp rift)
-Xenos inquisitor (rad, psychotroke grenades, power weapon)
- 5 Death cult assassins
TROOPS- 5 Terminators (psycannon, 4 halberds, daemon hammer)
- 10 Grey knights (2 psycannons, 2 Daemon hammers)
Fast attack- 2x Storm raven (twin linked lascannon, cyclone missile launcher)
Heavy support- Nemesis dreadknight (incinerator, teleporter, great sword)
- Nemesis dreadknight (psycannon, teleporter, daemon hammer)

Opinions on the competativeness of the list are greatly valued.

On a completely different topic, for the eagle eyed amoungst you, are the pictures in codexes photo shopped to make them look better or something because i have noticed that some of the models arent actualy in the original photos and added after. For example the top of the handle on the greatsword of the NDK on the two page speread p.78 it looks to me like there is a gold bit missed out??? just curious.


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Re: 1750points. 2 storm raven and 2 dreadknight list.

Post by slayer18 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:08 pm

I'm going to go out on a limb here. It looks like you are going to put: 5x terms w/libby in one storm rave, OX =I= with DCAs in the other storm raven, charge foward at top speed with the dread knights and I'm lost at your plan for the GKSS. It looks like you plan on having them walk or squat and hold on home base objectives. Either way, a rhino could help them move or at least provide a smoke screen if you can scrounge the points. Or you could go crazy and cut some stuff and add a thrird storm raven. But that would be just ludicrous, or would it?


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Re: 1750points. 2 storm raven and 2 dreadknight list.

Post by Tiger10 on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:43 pm

Brother sneakybert you aren't the only one who likes SR here is my 1500 point list

GM mordrak

5x paladins, BB, 2x psycannons


henchmen, 10x Death cults, 1x mystic may exchange some death cults for crusaders.

5x Grey knights, psybolt

dedicated transport
Chimera 2x heavy flamers

fast attack
stormraven plama cannons, multi-melta

heavy support
nemisis dreadknight, heavy incinerator, deamon hammer

dreadknought 2x autocannons psybolt

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Re: 1750points. 2 storm raven and 2 dreadknight list.

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