1500 Point Salamander Army

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1500 Point Salamander Army

Post by DarkRonin on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:28 pm

Well I've finally reach the number of models needed and both me and the person who spun me into getting this army finished, just made it to this level and our next game will be with this amount of points. Take a look at the list and critique and/or give words of advice. I've never played Space Marines at this level before, but it should be fun. After playing so many games with my Grey Knights, it feels like I'm playing a Horde army.

HQ - Vulkan He'Stan
Elites - Assault Terminators - TH/SS - Land Raider Redeemer (Extra Armor, Multi-Melta)
Elites - Dreadnought - Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor
Troops - 2x Tactical Squads (10 Man) - Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta - Rhino (Extra Armor)
Fast - Land Speeder Squadron (2 Speeders) - Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer
Heavy - Thunderfire Cannon

Thats my list as it is so far. I plan on expanding it further to 2000 points, but when I do that, I will be adding in a Master of the Forge and three more Dreadnoughts identical to the one in the list.

My experience so far with Space Marines is that the Speeders are just.... to sick to really put to words when they actually work, or a bit of a let down. The Dreadnought, well plenty of experience with GK Dreads, so there is that. He'Stan is a beast all around when I use him, especially when teamed up with an Assault Terminator squad (Oh how my friend just loved how I stopped his Shrike and his 10 man Assault Squad in its tracks by castling up in a corner and having a wall of having a wall of Terminators blocking off my Tacticals at 750 points).

Haven't yet used Tacticals in 10 man squads, but it should be fun with having plenty of meltas in the squads. Nor have I used a Redeemer before, but I'm sure that I'll have fun with using it's cleansing flames. The Thunderfire Cannon may not seem like much, but its there to lay down long range fire from a well protected position while the rest of my army advances. Overall, each unit (minus the two Rhinos) benefits from He'Stan's rules. I'm sure that this list will do against most opponents, despite the blatantly obvious inherent weakness to the list. No real long range weapons. Longest range that most units can hit at is 24, while the Thunderfire Cannon is the only thing that can hit at up to 60 inches.

Well any pointers from any previous experience with Space Marines (From experience with playing them or against them) will be appreciated. Don't know how they really do at this level.

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