1500 Coteaz List for Tournament

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1500 Coteaz List for Tournament Empty 1500 Coteaz List for Tournament

Post by GKVet on Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:13 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be playing in my gaming group's annual tournament, and while it is a small and fun affair, I wouldn't mind some decent bragging rights. My opponents are as follows, and all games are played at 1500 points.

Tyranids: new book, but pretty standard with a big brood of Warriors, 1 or 2 Tervigons, carnifexes with brainleech devourers and potentially a flying Hive Tyrant with same.

Necrons: fair number of warriors, ghost arks, an annihilation barge and 1 or 2 flyers

Orks: large hordes, potentially a Nob bike squad, 1 or 2 Battlewagons

Space Wolves: Grey Hunters in Rhinos, missile Long Fangs, maybe allied SMs for a pair of Stormtalons

Eldar/Dark Eldar/Corsairs: an assortment of Eldar - likely Corsairs with DE allies, or DE with Corsair allies. Lots of Venoms with splinter cannons, small squads of Warriors, and squads of 10 jump-troop Corsairs with those long range guns (I forget what they are called). Also likely a Corsair Prince with that goddamn orbital bombardment ability. Likely a Ravager as well for AT duties. The most power-gamer-y of my friends.

I am thinking of using the following list:

HQ: Coteaz

Squad of 10 Purifiers with 4 Psycannons and 6 Halberds

4 squads of 10 Inquisitorial Henchmen with Storm Bolters and 3 Plasma each
Squad of 9 Inquisitorial Henchmen with SB/Plasma and 3 Plasma Cannon Servitors (for Coteaz)
Squad of 10 Strike Grey Knights with 2 Psycannons

HEAVY SUPPORT: 2 Dreadnoughts with twin Autocannons/Psybolt

FORTIFICATION: Aegis Defence Line and Quad Autocannons

What do you fellows think about this list? What could be tweaked? Tournament is in a month so I've got time to make changes.


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1500 Coteaz List for Tournament Empty Re: 1500 Coteaz List for Tournament

Post by first strike on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:31 pm

I take it you can use units from the stronghold book, if so take the firestorm rebout with upgraded BS. Will destroy all flyers.
Drop the strike squad and take razorbacks for all the inquisitorial squads, just the heavy bolters and psybolts.
first strike
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