2800pt Battle, Tau + Daemonhunters vs Tau + Nids

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2800pt Battle, Tau + Daemonhunters vs Tau + Nids

Post by Cornix on Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:19 am

Hi guys.

Ok let me start of by saying sry for not having all the pretty pictures that you would probably want for this but ill try my best to let help you visualize what happened.

Armies: Dont know what they are specificly but ill try my best.

GKs: GM w Psycannon + MCNFW + holocaust
RET 4 termies
2 squads of 10 sisters w melta gun + book + flamer + plasma pistol + melta bombs
9 GKs w incinrator + Melta bombs
Dread w TLLC + incinrator

Tau: Suit w CIB + Plasma rifile + Multi tracker + sheild drone + armor
2 * 12 fire warrior squads w bonding knife. Devil fish for 1
13 kroot + shaper
2 * 2 Crisis suits w plasma rifiles + burst cannons + missile pods + shield drones
5 stealth suits w marker drones + fusion blaster
5 pathfinders w 2 rail rifies + marker lights
5 vespid wings
1 hammerhead gunship
1 railhead

Enemies: Dont really know this part
Nids: 1 flyrant
2 sniperfexs
10 genestealters + brood lord
2 lictors
12 hormgaunts
8 spineguants
2 squads of 15 gaunts
4 warrriors

Tau: 1 forgeworld guy (dont know which one)
3 squads of 3 crisis suits
3 broadsides
2 squads of fire warriors
i think that was it

Deployment: They got to go first and it was pitched battle. it was a 48 by 72 inch table and we had the 48 inch part cut down the middle so we had 12 inches to set up on across 72inch board (so lots of room)
each side had 2 objectives near the middle (just to make it more fun) and there were many buildings making it difficult for tau to dominate first turn.

So they choose there side and cant really explain how they set up but basicly they had all tau on the right side of the table and all nids on the right and middle.
My team spread our guys evenly across the right and left (we didnt go in the middle because it was such and easy shot for broadsides and fexs)

Turn 1: They moved everything forward mostly concentrating on the right side. Couldnt fire much so they killed 1 fire warrior and 1 kroot. Nids moved quite a bit forward though (as u would have guessed so they looked to be main priority) Sniperfexs shot but they were absolute fail and did nothing.

Turn 1: We moved slightly sideways to get a clean shot. Now ill just tell u know that i was completely pissed off with the building i put my PAGK in because the door was at a table edge so i couldnt get out and i had to shoot with them the whole game. Hammerhead fired at the spine gaunts there and killed the whole squad but failed to harm the hive. My dread got a wound on the tyrant with its TLLC. My termies were absolute fail as they missed everything at the tyrant WTF!! Suits tried to kill the broadsides but did nothing.
The kroot were deployed in a building like 5 inches away from the building with gaunts inside so they shot and kill a few of them.
Sisters squad ran into the building with kroot and got first objective with crisis suit team.

Turn 2: They moved forward with the nids, and slightly with the tau taking their first objective with a fire warrior squad. Genestealers ran into a building close to termies and flyrant got close to our right area. First sniperfex shot at my sisters squad not on an objective and got 5!! Gaunts opened on the kroot and killed a few along with the warriors. 3 Broadsides opened up on our broadside and killed it. That was about it.

Turn 2: We moved up a tiny bit. Termies opened up on the genestealers and killed a few. The squad of 5 sisters tried to shot at the genestealers and got 2!!! kills with a flamer and nearly lost unit from the PP. Other squad of sisters opened up on the carnifex and did absolutely nothing!!! PAGK shot at the hormagaunts and killed 5. Suits opened on the carnifex and reduced it to 1 wound. Kroot with the vespids shot at the gaunts and killed some more.

Turn 3: They moved up heaps and this is where the real carnige happened. Lictor finnaly came in only to mishap and get sent back in reserve.
Genestealers and flyrant both assulted my dread who has basicly done nothing. They obviously raped it, infact im amazed just the tyrant and broodlord didnt destroy it. The dread exploded and killed some genestealers but failed to wound the tyrant. 1 Fex opened up on my Knights and killed 4!! Wow i could tell this was a bad rolling game. Hormagaunts charged my squad of 5 sisters and raped them, but i used a faith to make sure i got 1 kill!!! And amazingly 7 hormagaunts couldnt kill my VSS but i failed the LT by rolling a 9 so she ran off the table. Gaunts again opened up on the kroot and didnt do much same with warrriors. Tau player hadnt done much up to this point.

Turn 3: Termies fired and killed 3 genestealers (which was all of them). Second sisters squad fired a melta gun and killed the 1 wound fex. PAGK shot at the tyrant and did absolutly nothing!!! i wanted to fire at the fire warriors but my partner insisted that i try to kill the flyrant who i could barely wound. Fire warriors shot at the hormagaunts and killed 3 (fail) Other squad jumped out of the devil fish on the left side of the board and shot at the warriors alongside a railhead and managed to kill 1 and wound another. Kroot and vespids jumped down and went to charge the gaunts. Kroot killed 1st squad and vespids nearly got killed by the 2nd squad. Pathfinders and stealth team shot at the fire warrior squad holding the objective but only killed 1!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! Suits opened up on the broodlord and tyrant and left them with 1 wound each. I didnt charge with termies because i was in terrain and didnt want lose to a broodlord or tyrant.

Turn 4: Tau finnaly jumped out and suits were everywhere. Lictors came in again but had another mishap and we placed them at the very back terrain so they couldnt do anything. Shot at my termies (mostly all tau were on the right side) killed 1. Fex shot at termies and did nothing. Broadsides were on the left side along side another suit team and opened up on the devil fish and rail head only immoblising it. Flyrant and Broodlord charged hammerhead but only immobalised it. Hormagaunts ran up a building to capture an objective with the forgeworld guy and a suit team. Warriors tried shooting and failed. 2nd gaunt squad failed to die to the vespids.

Turn 4: GKT followed the hormagaunts and shot at the suits and wounded some. They then charged and multi assulted the gaunts and suits in the building. The hormagaunts struck first because i moved through cover and killed a termie, then the suits failed to wound after the forgeworld guy missed everything. Termies attacked the suits and wounded a couple not really doing much. Then the GM used holocaust and killed the forgeworld guy and another suit!!! and all 4 hormagaunts. That was like the best move ever for the game. The explosion of a suit killed a termie though. PAGKs shot at firewarriors but pretty much failed. Sisters werent in range so i left them on the objective. Fire warriors shot at the fire warriors and failed as well. Kroot jumped up to help the vespid and they pwned the remaining gaunts. and took the objective. Suits guned down the flyrant and the hammerhead wounded a suit. The pathfinders, stealth team and a crisis team shot at the firewarriors and did nothing!!!!! That group was still 10 strong. 2nd fire warrior squad tried to kill some broadsides but failed, while the rail head finished off the warriors.

Turn 5: Last turn: Tau jumped around and started by gunning down my termies. the broadsides destroyed the devilfish, while the broodlord attacked the hammerhead and rolled 2 sixs on the penetrating table!!!! The last crisis team jumped up but just missed out on assulting the kroot (4 left). Nid player had nothing left except a sniperfex but couldnt shoot it.

Turn 5: We alrdy had 1 objective while they had 1 and another was being contested between the vespid, kroot and crisis suit team. The first suits gunned down the broodlord. Everything was then shot at the 2 suits that tried to assult the kroot and we just barely managed to pull out a win.

Overall it was a great match but i think i need to watch were the doors are in the buildings.


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Re: 2800pt Battle, Tau + Daemonhunters vs Tau + Nids

Post by Zealadin on Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:18 am

Sounds awesome!
Good report as well, never mind the pictures, as long as you can describe what happened its all good!

Just so you know, if you could shoot through something, you can ALSO move through it, the anology my local GWS guy gives (as this kind of movement is considered through difficult/dangerous terrain which is true anyway, whenever moving through buildings or ruins etc) is that your troops would be jumping through windows, rolling through holes in the walls, breaking down doors, using their weapons to chop through etc.

Your squad definately shouldn't have been stuck in that building even IF your opponents said they couldn't get out(which is extremely bad sportsmanship, and they should be ashamed off!), unless it was considered impassable terrain by prior agreement
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Re: 2800pt Battle, Tau + Daemonhunters vs Tau + Nids

Post by Nausaden on Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:34 pm

Shame that the bad rolls favored you Brother, but at least at the end of the day you claimed victory. Holocaust sounds like it completely wrecked your foes, it was good to hear about your report!

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Re: 2800pt Battle, Tau + Daemonhunters vs Tau + Nids

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