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Post by Brother-Captain Validi on Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:08 pm

Woohoo! I just beat my friend and his necrons in a rematch! Here's the epic recount!

<Army lists>


1 Grand Master, Nemesis Force Weapon and Stormbolter, Holocaust, no extra Wargear-165 points

4 Grey Knight Terminators + Brother-Captain, Nemesis Force Weapons and Stormbolters and one Incinerator, Holocaust, no extra Wargear-280 points


5 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, Hellguns and one Grenade Launcher-60 points

4 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers + Stormtrooper Veteran, Hellguns and one Flamer, no extra Wargear-65 points

Fast Attack

4 Grey Knights in Power Armour + Justicar, Nemesis Force Weapons and Stormbolters and one Incinerator, no extra Wargear-160 points

Heavy Support

4 Grey Knights in Power Armour + Justicar, Nemesis Force Weapons and Stormbolters and one Psycannon, no extra Wargear-180 points

TOTAL-910 points


(Not sure about points or anything else but I'll do my best)


Necron Lord, Staff of Light, no extra Wargear (so far as I know)-no idea about points

Nightbringer, Particle Whip, 450 points (I think)


3 Squads of Necron Warriors, about 10 in each, 540 points (I think)

6 Scarabs, no idea about points

TOTAL- My friend worked it out previously and said it was 1200 points

Now that the boring part is over, wake up and be amazed at my application of tactics(<--something in our previous match I had forgetten about completly)

<What follows is a recount of the battle but be warned, it contains no phases or turns as such as I cannot remember them and that the style changes halfway through, from a camera watching into a novel-like narration. I felt that it needed more emotion so I added some, forgetting that this would mean i would have to re-write the rest of the passage. HAH! Like I'm ever gonna be bothered doing that. Have fun!!!>

*The screen shows a grey sky, rotates downward to give a view of the amazingly contrasting colour, of a slightly darker grey gravel field, streaching as far as the eye can see. Its occupants are 6 Grey Knights, one wields a huge black cannon and another whom is clad in ornate hulking armour, obviously their commander, 9 Stormtroopers and their sargent. They all look uneasy, exept for the commander, looking over their shoulders impulsivly, searching for a hidden foe. Untill finally...


"Okay everyone, get ready, here they come."

The Stormtroopers shift into slightly better positions, whereas the Grey Knights stand still and wait. Their enemy splits into two groups, one aproaching with blinding speed, the others hanging back.

"Acursed Necrons, they will pay dearly for what they've done."<Wave of Death referance>

"Pray the same does not happen to us, Brother"


The storm troopers begin to blast away at the 1st group, made completly of Scarabs which are heading straight for them, causing minimal damage.

"Give them some support"

The Grey Knight with the Psycannon shoots at the Scarabs but, due to my misunderstanding of some of the stats, does no damage. The Scarabs and Stormtroopers crash together, killing one of the Troopers and crushing a few Scarabs. 4 Grey Knights charge into the melee to assist the troopers along with the Commander. Meanwhile the second group comprising of 20 Necron Warriors, their Lord and a towering C'tan's plastic base advances menacingly.<The Nightbringer must be imagined as he snapped into 4 pieces, his 2 arms, his legs and robe thingy and his torso.

"Grand Master, we must call for aid to quell this threat," called the Psycannon armed Grey Knight.

"I agree" said the Grand Master and, after dicing some scarabs, requested renforcements.

A few moments later 5 Grey knights in Power Armour and 5 Grey Knight Terminators materialised with a flash of blue light, behind the main Necron horde. Noticing them, they turned their guns on them and - to the Grey knights horror - blasted 2 Terminators and 3 of the others into oblivion.

"Calixto! Acario!" Brother-Captain Zanobi called out in vain for the two men who had served with him for centuries.

"CHARGE!!!" Brother Ignatius threw himself at the Nightbringer, unleashing a torrent of blue flames into the air from his Incinerator, and was soon followed by Zanobi, Brother Silvio and the remaining 2 normal Grey Knights. The Nightbringer swiftly impaled Ignatius with its scyth, tossed him into the distance and, before he could react, sliced Silvio clean in two. Zanobi's Halibard swung through the air and found its mark, biting into the C'tan, making him reel back with the pain of the psychically charged weapon. Again and again they struck at each other, neither doing major damage to the other untill Zanobi let loose a Holocaust sunny upon the C'tan, distracting him enough for his fellow Justicar to strike a blow with his sword, but still the C'tan hacked at them, trying to find a weak spot.

It suddenly seemed hopless but just then, the Nightbringers chest exploded and a stream of Psycannon bolts flew out - the 5 Grey Knights In Power Armour had taken advantage of the Necrons distraction, ran forward and put down a torrent of fire towards the monstrosity. As the Nightbringer hunched over,reforming its chest Zanobi thrust his halibard at the C'tan, and it completly disappeared. Before they could wonder how this came to be, the Necrons recived their renforcements and all 30 charged the three remaining members of the teleportation strike team and swamped them. The Stormtroopers and Grand Master finally fought off the Scarabs and rushed to aid them.

Zanobi fought like he had never fought before, felling three necrons with a single sweep of his halibard, yet most rose back up again. He, the Justicar and his last squad member then formed a triangle, fighting 4 Necrons at once. The Lord then struck down the Justicar and Grey Knight. As Zanobi turned to face him, the stormtroopers opened fire on the surrounding Necrons, the Grand Master burst into the fray on one flank- obliterating 2 necrons, and the 5 Grey Knights on the other, cutting down 4 more necrons, but all in vain. Zanobi lay dead at the Necron Lords feet. The remaining Necrons were swiftly dispatched without further casualties.

The Stormtroopers cheered, <only 3 of them were killed, as aposed to every last one in Wave of Death> but when they looked around them, the Grey Knights had gone, along with all their dead which posed the following question to the ill equiped Troopers...

"How are we gonna get back home?"


My losses


My friends losses

30ish NW

Conclusion- Victory was won, but at a heavy price.<Who cares, I WON!!!!YAAAY!!!!>
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Post by The Legionnaire on Sat Nov 24, 2007 9:30 am

Another brilliant Battle report by Brother-Captian Valadi! Very Happy

Hey hey everyone Smile - Andy

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