1500 point tournament list

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1500 point tournament list Empty 1500 point tournament list

Post by first strike on Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:11 pm

Note the rules for the tournamnet are as follows, no more then 2 duplicate units, that is 2 units with the same name
No data sheets or Imperial Armour units
8 x Terminators, 1 hammer, 1 M.C.Hammer, incin, bro banner, warding stalf, mixed swords and halbards
Henchmen, 8 x with stormbolters and one normal, Chimera with H.K.Miss
Perg Squad x 5, 4 x Psi cannon and a hammer. Razorback with pibolts, H.K Miss
Perg Squad x 5, 4 x Psi cannon and a hammer. Razorback with T.L Las. H.K.Miss
Psi Rifle dread
Stormraven, Assult cannon, M.Melta, Huricane bloters, psi bolts.
The inquisitor unit will be there to hold home objectives, the terminators will normaly be deep striking, and the rest of the army will be pushing forward and working as a group. Have found that so many armies get high cover saves on their vech and units so the perg squads ability will come in handy. Coteaz will be in one of them casting spells as needed.
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1500 point tournament list Empty Re: 1500 point tournament list

Post by azactaylor on Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:58 am

I honestly think that the Purgation Squad is no where near as good as it use to be. I would swap them out for purifiers! You could take a ten man squad... you would get 4 psycannons in one squad and then have a 5 man assault unit you could start on the table or throw in your Stormraven. Then you would have some points for more models on the board or better weapons.

That is only my opinion... they no longer have astrial aim, so I have moved that unit onto the shelf till a new dex comes out.


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