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1500 pt GK army Empty 1500 pt GK army

Post by azactaylor on Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:43 pm

Hey brothers, it has been a while. So, I have been playing heavy IG here lately, but they just seem a little more competitive. I mean... I have 3 Vendettas. However, I just bought my first Stormraven, and I would like to give it a whirl. So here is my 1500 point list for a tourney coming up in December. I will have plenty of time to play test this list. Please let me know what you think. As we progress, I can inform you on the models that I have.

HQ Grand Master
Psycotroke Grenades

Elite Vindicare
4 halberds

Troops GK Strike

GK Strike

FA Stormraven

HS Dreadknight


twin linked AC
twin linked AC

This comes out to 1499. I have debated dropping the Dreadnought to add in more purifiers. I love those little guys.

So this list is pretty simple. The Grandmaster will attach to the Purifiers to beef them up a little bit. I will probably settle for rad grenades, but I want to play test it a little more. This squad will be in the Stormraven giving them the ability to assault in the game. The Vindicare will join the 2 Dreadknights as major threats that need to be dealt with immediately. They will apply pressure where it is needed. I believe that these models will cause quite a bit of FUD. The troops are there... I may deep strike 1, but they are just to meet the requirements for force organization. I am not concerned about only having 2 troop choices because of the GM.

Okay guys, lets hear it!


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