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Inquisitor Thoth

Post by Corennus on Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:51 am

This is the inquisitor I use most in my armies. He is either a normal malleus inquisitor or when I need Coteaz's special ability he becomes Coteaz.

Eli Thoth was born on in 824.46 on Terra in the undercity to a poor family of Technicians in Tertiary Sector 197.
Brought up to follow in his father's footsteps, Thoth ran away from his home at the age of 9, becoming embroiled in the numerous Gangs and gang life for much of his teens.
By 16 his natural intelligence and knowledge of the workings of the machinery of the Undercity gleaned from his years watching his father work had brought him to be Number 2 in the Hidden Blades gang, a vicious and extremely territorial gang that had been the bane of the Arbites for number of years.

Eventually it seemed Thoth was destined to take over the Blades gang, with a planned raid on a Ministorum Supply Depot near the Star Port a message to the rest of the gang and other neighboring gangs that Thoth was not someone to be messed with, and a leader capable of the most daring feats.


Striking in dead of night, having set off a chain of explosions to draw away the main security forces, Thoth and his chosen gangmembers overwhelmed the few Arbites and Ministorum Guards left duty, and soon found themselves in the main supply chamber. But once there they discovered it was not just a supply depot, finding a hidden recess in the floor that led to a deeper facility....
Their intrusion into the depot had not gone unnoticed by the depot's true masters. Three Thunderhawks containing Inquisitorial Stormtroopers descended on the Depot within minutes of the gang's infiltration of the main storeroom.
Thoth's crew put up a desperate firefight within the Comms Interception office that was secret even from the Ministorum whose Supply Depot was above it, but the gangers' third-rate pilfered stubbers and laspistols were no match for the Stormtroopers' immaculately maintained hotshot lasguns, and within five minutes Thoth's crew of twenty were cut down to merely himself and three others.

Just as it seemed to be the end, with multiple lasguns aimed at the three surviving gangers and Thoth, a comm came through to the Stormtrooper Commander. Acknowledging it gruffly, he raised his lasgun and shot the three gangers around Thoth in quick succession. Then the troopers advanced on Thoth, and the rifle butts came down on him.

He awoke in a cold stone cell. Naked and chained to the wall.
"Tell me why I shouldn't have you shot right now" said a voice from the darkness
"Wh...who are you? Where am I?" Thoth shot back, while a little voice in his head told him EXACTLY where he was.
A figure stepped out of the darkness into the small sphere of light around Thoth.
He was a tall exceptionally thin man, swathed in a dark red cloak, with the glint of form fitting carapace armour underneath. In his hand he held a simple box.
He opened it on the floor, and smiled.

Thoth looked at it in horror, knowing his life was now measured in minutes if he couldn't think of some reason to give this man not to kill him.
It was an Inquisitorial Rosette.

"No? No answer? A pity" said the Inquisitor, turning to leave.
"WAIT!" Thoth cried, "I......I got into one of your places. I got in there EASILY."
The Inquisitor turned back and scoffed.
"You got lucky little boy. That was all."
"No....." said Thoth, warming to this now he could see he had the Inquisitor partially curious.
"I planned a meticulous and detailed raid, drawing off security forces on TERRA, the best defended place in the entire galaxy. I accept I didn't expect to find your Comms Station but I did. Imagine the havoc I could have caused if I knew it was there, and what your response would have been".
The Inquisitor frowned and crossed his arms.
"Now imagine" Thoth continued, "Now imagine what I could do if I had your backing....."
Thoth was sweating, more nervous than he ever had been. More nervous even than his initiation into the Blades as a gangly innocent 9yo boy.
" think I should overlook a transgression on to Inquisitorial property and the death of the Emperor's servants to gain your...overrated skills?"
Thoth felt a strange calm come over him.
"I've heard stories of what the Inqusition can do. You've done far worse than what I did..."
The Inquisitor's face turned stony, his gaunt features tightening in anger.
"Whatever the Inqusition does it does in the name of the Emperor and humanity. You cannot possible dare to debate with me!"
"Use me or kill me Inquisitor." Thoth spat back.
"Intriguing...." the Inquisitor suddenly said, looking at Thoth in a strange way, "Your mind is closed to me...."
The Inqusitor strode over to Thoth and stood directly before him, his eyes boring into Thoth's, holding his gaze like a terrible vice bearing down on the hapless youth.
"Open your mind" the Inquisitor demanded.
Thoth couldn't speak, couldn't move. But he felt a pressure at the back of his mind. He could feel the Inquisitor's will pressing into him, forcing into him.
The Inqusitor crashed back against the door of the cell, his head snapping against the metal door. His body slumped for a moment, then slowly he picked himself up, dazed but with a look of total shock on his face.
" are......that was....."
Without another word the Inquisitor opened the cell door and left Thoth alone in his cell. After a minute the pool of light shut off, leaving Thoth in darkness and totally confused.

What seemed like an age later the cell was suddenly bathed in light, causing Thoth to cry out as his eyes were assaulted by the sudden change. The cell door opened, and in stepped the Inquisitor, and also another man dressed in a black jumpsuit with a collar around his neck that hurt Thoth's eyes to look at.
"Hello Eli" the Inquisitor said as he looked upon the youth again, "you'll be sad to hear earlier yesterday an Arbites raid aided by an anonymous call finally destroyed the Hidden Blades headquarters. The gang was slaughtered to a man. Including one gangly boy of 16 whose face was.....conveniently....destroyed by a plasma blast. So that means you belong to the Inquisition now. What use you will be to us will be determined by this little test."
He beckoned the other man forward, "This is Joval, he is....a pariah. Do you know what a pariah is?"
Thoth shook his head, already the pariah's closeness was hurting his senses.
"A Pariah is the opposite of you and me" the Inqusitor continued, "While we are able to manifest the warp through ourselves and pour it out externally, Joval here sucks the warp into himself, with the life energy of a psyker if left long enough alone with him. I trust you and him will have a pleasant chat together."
With that the Inquisitor reached up and removed the collar from Joval's pale neck. Immediately the pariah's eyes went from milky blue to jet black, and the Inquisitor recoiled as if his hand had been stung. He hurried out of the cell, locking it quickly behind him. Then Joval looked at Thoth.

The Inquisitor walked away, trying to maintain a calm he inwardly didn't feel. His own psychic abilities meant that Joval uncollared gave him considerable pain. Then the screaming started. The Inquisitor allowed himself a smile. Joval was very good at this.

He got to the security office, where he found his Acolyte, Mord was watching the camera on Thoth's cell intently.
"How is our prisoner doing" the Inquisitor asked, pouring himself a cup of caff from the dispenser at the back of the office.
"Joval is working him pretty good, he's within 5 feet of him" Mord replied.
"Five feet? Impressive, most hardly manage ten. And such a young one too..." the Inqusitor mused.
They both watched the screen, as the prisioner continued to scream and thrash as Joval inched ever closer, his dread power sucking all the heat from the room so the camera was lined with frost.
Then Thoth stopped thrashing, and gazed straight at Joval.
The Inqusitor slowly lowered his cup from his mouth as he watched, not comprehending what he was seeing.
"What's he...." Mord started
Thoth's eyes went black, then blazed with power.
Joval screamed and was hurled against the door with far more power than the Inquisitor had been. The Pariah was held against the cell door, with the crack of bones audible over the camera audio, then he slumped to the floor as Thoth lost consciousness.
"Get to Joval now! Get him out of there!" the Inquisitor ordered Mord. The Acolyte jumped from his seat and ran to the cell as fast as he could. Not being a psyker he had nothing to fear from Joval's nature so he hurled into the cell, and pulled the stricken servant out, slamming the cell quickly behind him.
"By the Emperor.." he breathed, surveying the damage to the inert Pariah. Though the body was still breathing, many limbs were at angles that could only mean broken.

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Re: Inquisitor Thoth

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"His power is not trained, but I do not believe it comes from Chaos" the Inquisitor argued as he stood before his peers.
They had been debating the future of young Eli Thoth for several days now. His display of raw psychic power had shocked many, for no-one of psychic ability save maybe the strongest Grey Knight librarians or the legenday Sigillite could stand up to a pariah. And the manner of his power manifesting was rare in the extreme, for Thoth had literally redirected Joval's power back at himself and amplied it.
"You speak of this boy with little knowledge of his abilities" Inquisitor Haardman rasped, his ancient frame wheezing as his exosuit vocalised his wods, "who is to say he is not a servant of Chaos even now?"
"I have sensed no taint from him" the Inquisitor replied calmly.
"Yet you cannot gain access to his mind Exor" Inquisitor Lerok admonished.
"Allow me to test him," the Inquisitor pleaded, "if any trace of taint or danger to this body is detected i myself will kill him. But he asked for the chance to join us, and I feel it is the Emperor's Will we allow it."
"And now you declare you know the Emperor's Will!" Haardman cried, raising his hands in mock exasperation.
Haardman looked at his old Acolyte hard, fixing him with a gaze the Inquisitor knew from many years of working with the elder Inquisitor.
"If you fail, Exor, it will not just be Thoth who you understand me?"
The Inquisitor returned the gaze of his mentor, and would be executioner.
"I understand perfectly. And I do not fail. Ever."

Thoth had been kept under sedation ever since the incident with Joval. Finally he was woken by Apothecaries and though his hands and legs were still chained, for the first time since in what seemed forever, he was given a robe to cover his naked body.
The Inquisitor came in to see him after he had been transferred to a simple cell. With no chains this time, and furniture to allow him to eat and sleep.
"You have caused me some pain so far" the Inquisitor started.
"I've caused you pain...." Thoth murmured, looking down at his hands, slowly balling into fists.
The Inquisitor saw this action and put up his own hands in placation.
"Peace Eli. I have news. You are more useful to us than even I could have thought. Your abilities are.....somewhat unique."
"What am I?" Thoth asked, still unwilling to look at the man in front of him.
"What are you? You are a psyker, an uncannily strong one it seems. Though I sense that you have little knowledge or control over it. You have the ability to...redirect others' powers. It was how you dispelled me from your mind, and also how you...broke...Joval."
"Is he alright? All I wanted was for him to stop. He wouldn't stop....." Thoth murmured
"He is alive, his body is mended. Though his mind is....damaged. I don't think he will recover any time soon. Which leaves me at a quandry. I am down a man on my retinue...."
Thoth's head slowly came up, and saw a tiny rosette in front of him on the table. Like a lapel pin, or a tiny hold-out token.
"I have an Acolyte already" the Inquisitor stated, "But Mord is soon going to be ready for advancement and a Rosette of his own. And you have already shown resourcefulness, ability and may I say a rare streak of determination that reminds me of"
Thoth continued staring at the miniature I. Images of his life danced before his eyes. His parents, his friends in the gang, other friends, possibilities of life as an older man on Terra. All gone. All replaced by this single chance at life.
He picked it up.
"Ok." he stated.
The Inquisitor got up, making for the door, satisfied.
"One thing" Thoth called to his departing form.
The Inquisitor turned.
"What's your name? If I'm going to be working for you I kind of need to know."
The Inquisitor smiled.
"Korten, Exor Korten" he replied. then walked out.


Inquisitor Eli Thoth stood before a prisoner caught trying to steal Inquisition supplies from a supply depot he and his retinue had been visiting to resupply enroute to Formosa.
Bald and in exquisite power armour he rarely took off these days due to his advancing years ravaging the strength of his body, the elder Inquisitor looked down on the frightened young man and smiled. He was sure his smiled seemed devious and cruel to the prisoner, but in truth the memories playing in his mind were a pleasant reminscence for Thoth, who had seen far too much of the galaxy since his impetuous youth.
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't have you shot" he said.

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