1500pts Grey Knights vs. Tyranids

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1500pts Grey Knights vs. Tyranids

Post by stormknight on Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:21 pm

1500pts Grey Knights vs. Tyranids


Grey Knights


Grandmaster w/ Incinerator, Pyscotroke, Rad, Blind

Henchmen (Coteaz bodyguard)
2 Jokaero, 3 Plasma Cannon, 6 Boltgun Acolytes, Mystic

Henchmen (assigned to Grandmaster)
9 death cult assassins, 3 Crusader

4 Death cult assassins

3 Death cult assassins

Purifers x10
Incinerator, 9 Halberds

Paladins x5
2 master crafted pyscannons, 3 halberd, 2 sword

Assault cannon, Missile Launcher


Hive tyrant with wings and other stuff
Swarm Lord (re-roll invulnerable saves) with 3 guard
Trygon, talons
3 Tyranid warriors
small squad of guants
Tervigon - Spawns gaunts
doom of malanti

All the big scary ones had regeneration amongst other stuff.

Deployment: Dawn of war
Mission: Crusader 3 objectives
Night fight: No rolls for this rule were successful

I won roll off and told my opponent to go first.

Terrain: No terrain except a slight hill on my side (no los block) and lots on ice/snow which should help my plasma cannons Smile

Objectives: Two just outside my deployment zone, One just outside his deployment zone on the right side (from my view)

Walord Traits: Nothing worth mentioning
Warlord: Swarm Lord vs. Coteaz

Tyranids deployment

He held is doom of malanti and his tervigon in reserve.

He deployed his swarm lord in the middle and his other monsters to the left. He then deployed his gaunts and warriors on the right side.

He rolled for pyschic powers, as there were so many rolls and nothing written down I lost track of the powers rolled. However he mostly used the d3 toughnes/Strength eternal warrior power.

Grey Knights deployment

Paladins in reserve, 3 Death cults in reserve, 4 Death cults in reserve.

I deployed Coteaz in between the two objectives closer to the right objective. I deployed the Grandmaster and the Dreadnaught to the right of Coteaz.

I deployed the Purifiers to the left of Coteaz with one model within 3” of the left objective

Jokaero rolled for Rending and Extra range.

GrandMaster Made Purifers and Paladins Troops.

Coteaz rolled Forewarning and swapped Precognition for Prescience.

I failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1 Tyranids

My left objective was exploding. His objective was exploding. My right objective was 6+ cover.

My opponent bowled down the field and the winged tyrant was at the half line. A lot of powers were cast making all the scary ones (trygon, swarm lord and winged hive tyrant) toughness 9. He killed a Crusader I think with his warriors. The left exploding objective killed a Purifer and then his objective killed a gaunt.

Turn 1 Grey Knights

I cast Prescience and Forewarning on Coteaz and his unit. I moved my Purifiers back towards my table edge. I moved my Grandmaster forward towards the gaunts/warriors.

I opened up on the Swarm Lord and guard with both Coteaz and the dreadnaught killing all the guard but failing to wound the swarm lord. Grandmaster and unit runs 5”

Tyranid Turn 2

Tervigon Outflanks next to my Grandmaster and his unit. He then spawns a unit of gaunts.

Doom of malanti pops up, coteaz expects this and very nearly kills the doom just leaving it with one wound.

My Opponent moved even closer, with the winged tyrant very close. Lots of powers were cast. (I did check the correct amount of powers, I just can’t remember too well).

Doom killed 4 Purifiers and 1 henchmen giving it 5 wounds. 2 Gaunt units and tervigon? fired and the Grandmaster Passes holding strong.

The winged hive tyrant makes it into combat and challenges coteaz who wimps out so the tyrant kills a henchmen (should of listened to the forewarning silly henchmen) while 3 henchmen pass. I rolled for stubborn on LD 10 (which is wrong, does stubborn confer to the henchmen though?) and passed.

The Tervigon Charges the GrandMaster and declares a challenege. I accept like a idiot. The pyscotroke makes him iniative 1 which he is already. The Grandmaster attacks and wounds except I realise he’s eternal warriors at which point I realise I could of used the other grenades like rad and hammerhand…(I forget about the crowd rule aswell) The tervigon attacks back and the Grandmasters Iron halo/Sword combo holds strong (I was really pleased)

Grey Knights turn 2

A unit of 4 Death cults arrive to the scene and move up behind coteaz.

I cast forewarning on coteaz and his unit. I cast Prescience on the Grandmaster and attached unit (Which I forget about)

I move the 5 Purifiers forward.

I Shoot the trygon as he is can be wounded this turn and cause a wound. The dreadnaught kills the doom with its missile launcher which makes me very happy.

Death cult assassins take the tervigon to 1 wound and the grandmaster fluffs his attacks and perlis his hammerhand due to a special rule. (I realise the challenge should of continued) Tervigon killed an assassin or two.

Coteaz and unit lose a member or two and pass their leadership test.

Tyranids Turn 3
His scary ones move closer to coteaz.

His tyrant warriors shoot the dreadnaught blowing his holy missile launcher to smithereens. Trygon shoots back at the Purifiers killing 2.

Coteaz wimps out again (LOL) The swarm lord kills a good few at least 4 or 5 die in combat because I have to reroll invulnerable saves. (The Plan is ******)

The tervigon tries his feel no pain saves from the power he cast but the death cult assassins are too much and bring the tervigon down limb by limb tumbling to the ground.

Grey Knights turn 3

Death cults don’t arrive yet but the Paladins do, deep striking in his deployment zone just left of his objective (on the right side by his deployment zone) and don’t scatter.

I cast Forewarning on Coteaz. Prescience fails to cast because of special rules.

Grandmaster and his unit move in position to multi-charge 2 gaunt squads and a tyrant warrior unit.

The Paladins cover their beloved Grandmaster killing two tyrant guards with one remaining.
Coteaz holds with no henchmen left

Purifiers charges the winged tyrant failing to kill it (lose a guy to perlis). while the other small unit of death cults charges the swarm lord. The swarm lord backhands the charging death cults who failed to kill the bugger while the hive tyrant survives. Grandmaster does a multi charge, throwing greandes in all directions (LMAO 6 grenades) Everyone is wiped out before they can attack except the tyrant guard who is on 1 wound.

Tyranids Turn 4

Trygon changes direction heading towards Grandmaster and unit. (Grandmaster is on 1 wound at this stage, from perlis)

Swarm Lord kills coteaz and consolidates out of combat. He is not in b2b with anyone.

Grandmaster and unit kills tyrant guard.

Grey Knights turn 4
Coteaz casts prescience on the 3 Purifiers and Forewarning. Some more Death cult assassins arrive.

Paladins move onto the exploding objective shooting the trygon.

Grandmaster and units move towards the trygon but fails his charge range (he rolled 3 or 4 inches) some overwatched shots kill 2 of the unit.

Purifiers and fresh death cult assassins kill the hive tyrant.

Tyranids Turn 5

Swarm Lord eats the Death cult assassins as they struggle to strike the monster down.
Trygon charges and can only make one attack thanks to Pyscotroke grenades. The battle continues…

Grey Knigts Turn 5

The 1 Purifier shoots the SwarmLord in the ass wounding it but then dies horribly in combat.

Tyranids 2
- First Blood
- Killed Warlord

Grey Knights 4
- Line Breaker (Paladins)
- Enemy Objective

I was very nervous at first… We both enjoyed the match and chatted about the game afterwards. I really enjoyed the game as it was very intense and very much a challenge considering my NFW would struggle a bit.


Should the Henchmen unit receive the stubborn special rule when Coteaz refuses a challenge?

Some reserve rolls for were made using the 5th edition rules as I didn’t check the new rules.

Any questions or comments welcome Smile

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Re: 1500pts Grey Knights vs. Tyranids

Post by DOMIN4TRIX on Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:19 pm

Good report, well played. Im glad to see Tyranids are scary again, or that we arent so all conquering - a hard fought victory like that is far more satisfying

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Re: 1500pts Grey Knights vs. Tyranids

Post by Tiger10 on Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:05 am

Sounds like you had a good game, pretty even match Very Happy

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Re: 1500pts Grey Knights vs. Tyranids

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