1750pts Grey Knights vs. Dark Eldar

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1750pts Grey Knights vs. Dark Eldar

Post by stormknight on Mon May 14, 2012 2:14 pm

Hello Brothers, this is my 3rd battle since the release of Grey knights codex. My friend jason was kind enough to lend me some models for this match.

Brotherhood champion

Henchmen x 11 death cult assassins
Henchmen x 2 Jokaero, mystic, 7 acolytes; flamer, 6 boltguns.
Strike squad x 10 Knights, pysbolts, 2 Pyscannon, halberd
Strike squad x 10 Knights, pysbolts, Hammer, 8 halberds
Chimera, Rhino, Razorback (pysbolts)

Fast Attack

Heavy support
Land Raider Redeemer, pysbolts, multi- melta(assassins and champion inside)
Dreadknight w/ Incinerator, Sword

Dark Eldar List
Archon, Incubi, raider, dark lance
Uber whyches I believe there called thesails? Sorry. Raider lance weapon
3 Ravagers
3 raiders with lances, kabalite warriors (poisoned weapons) with dark lance pistol? in kabalites

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of war

The board had terrain on his side and my side with terrain in the middle (we didn't use the other half) the objectives were placed in each others terrain or very close to.

I decided to go first and deployed Coteaz the jokaero unit and chimera on my rightside (to the right of the terrain on my table edge)
He didn't deploy.

I moved my empty Razorback to the right of the chimera right by the table edge. The Stormraven moved behind the building. The Raider moved to the left of the terrain on my table edge and the rhino moved to the left of the Land Raider.
I then popped smoke launchers on all the vehicles.

All his Units moved on. The 3 Ravagers were on the rightside (paralell to the chimera) he then moved his transports in a row going left.

He fired a lot of lances so I don't remember which did what but here's what happened.
The stormraven blew up killing 5 of the 10 Strike Knights(the guys with 9 halberds) inside as I forgot to turbo boost. Sad he then immobilized my LRR.

Turn 2
I moved the rhino into the centre terrain of woods passing my immobilization check. The Strike Knights from the Stormraven moved into my piece of terrain. My Dreadknight Deepstriked in front of my ruins to the left of the chimera using the mystic.

My monkeys gave me a roll of a 5 becoming a 6 giving me 2 dice to roll. I rolled Rending and 12" extra range. I shot a Ravager the jokaero missed and then Coteaz's psyber eagle rended and passed the flicker field blowing it up (sweeeeet) the boltguns shot aswell. The strike knights used run to move further in terrain. I immobilized a raider with the razorback too.

My opponent moved his 'uber whyches' right in the middle of the board (12") to the right of the centre terrain. While some raiders kinda swivelled for better firing positions scratch

He then fired a lot and destroyed the chimera turret Hv bolter and stunned the razorback. He then reduced my 5 man strike unit to 3 man.

Turn 3
The strike knights moved closer to the objective right beside the LRR.
I then fired the rhinos strike squads pyscannon at the enemy raider in the middle of the board failing to penetrate the vehicle. I then blew the raider up with the LRR or chimera I can't remember which killing 2 uber whyches. I then used the Incinerator to kill 5 more.

The enemy moved his uber whyches forward towards my LRR. The Ravagers shot the razorback stunning it and destroying its weapon. The Chimera was stunned and weapon destroyed. The Redeemer lost it's Assault Cannon.

Turn 4
I disembarked the assassins and champion headlong towards the 'uber whyches'. My rhino moved 12 through terrain to the left flank of his archon's raider and disembarked. My Dreadknight moved forward. My 3 strike knights embarked the LRR.
My Jokaero shot and I think it was the pysber eagle again which rended and destroyed the archons raider killing 1incubi. My Pyscannons and stormbolters killed 2 incubi and removed archons shadowfield while the Incinerator from the dreadknight killed 1.
The assassins charged losing 3 assassins and then killed the remaining 'uber whyches' advancing further on.

1 raider moved towards the strike knights as did the incubi and archon. 1 raider moved in position to shoot the dreadknight.

The ravagers and raider killed my dreadknight and imobilized my chimera. The combined shooting elsewhere left me with 4 strike Knights after archons attacks aswell.

Archon charged with incubi and the justicar with halberd used his force weapon on the archon killing him. Then the incubi killed the unit.

Turn 5

I then moved the rhino on top of his objective. The assassins moved towards the incubi.
I shot and did very little in my memory.
I then assaulted the incubi killing them and advancing in range of his objective.

My opponent turbo boosted a raider onto my objective on my side of the table right in front of the Land raider. The Ravagers and raiders all moved around to get a good view of the assassins behind the rhino.

I was left with 1 assassin and a champion and the rhino blew up with a big explosion (killed 4 of my assassins Sad)

I rolled for a turn 6

Turn 6
I disembarked the 3 strike knights from the LRR. The champion and assassins moved towards a
Raider. Shooting from the LRR sees his raider in front of my LRR get destroyed. The strike squad then shoots and assaults the kabalite unit killing them and advancing onto the objective.

He then kills my brotherhood champion and assassin. And then turbo boosts onto my objective and walks a unit onto his objective.

He has captured 1, contested another so he wins.

I hope you enjoyed this battle report.

I learned alot:
- coteaz + Jokaeros need some more punch like gun servitors proxied until I get the models, I need some meltagun acolytes aswell and the chimera definately need extra armour to open the flamer option more.
- Need to model some crusaders
- could do with a pysflemen or another pyscannon bunkers (rhino)
- dreadknights are pyscological and can draw a lot of firepower.

Next report 1.5k vs. Blood angels.
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Re: 1750pts Grey Knights vs. Dark Eldar

Post by Tombomb7 on Fri May 25, 2012 8:30 am

Thanks for the report. For me the most interesting pieces are how learn from the experience so it is good you added the "lessons learned part". I look forward to seeing how you handle the Blood Angels. Good luck!


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