My Best So Far

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My Best So Far

Post by Ki on Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:27 am

So I have a list that I am consistently using. I suppose my tactics are pretty well-founded, so I wanted to show this to everybody and get some help on perfecting it. I was also wondering whether Inquisitorial armies were at all sound lists, and I am assuming Torquemada (did I spell that right?!) Coteaz is the special character you HAVE to get to have an Inquisition army.
Anyway, here it is. Feel free to hammer down.

|Black Knights| 2500:
-Grand Master w/ Mastery Level 2, Incinerator, 3 Servo Skulls, Blind Grenades, Melta Bombs, Digital Weapons, Empyrean Brain Mines, Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades, Master Crafted (Force Sword)--- 290 Pts.
-Librarian w/ Nemesis Warding Stave, Mastery Level 3 Psyker, Quicksilver, Might of Titan, Sanctuary, The Shrouding, Vortex of Doom, Warp Rift, Digital Weapons, Master Crafted (Warding Stave)--- 260 Pts.
-Paladin Squad w/ 6 Models, Psybolt Ammunition, Apothecary w/ Brotherhood Banner, Others as Follows:--- 515 Pts.
1: Incinerator, Halberd, Master Crafted (Halberd)
2: Halberd, Master Crafted (Halberd)
3: Falchions, Master Crafted (Falchions)
4: Warding Stave, Master Crafted (Warding Stave)
5: Incinerator, Falchions, Master Crafted (Falchions)
-Land Raider Crusader w/ Psybolt Ammunition, Storm Bolter, Extra Armor--- 285 Pts.
-Terminator Squad w/ 10 Models, Justicar has Warding Stave and Master Crafted (Warding Stave), 2 Incinerators, 5 Daemon Hammers, 3 Halberds, Brotherhood Banner, Psybolt Ammunition--- 480 Pts.
-Terminator Squad w/ 10 Models, Justicar has Warding Stave and Master Crafted (Warding Stave), 2 Incinerators, 5 Daemon Hammers, 3 Halberds, Brotherhood Banner, Psybolt Ammunition--- 480 Pts.
-Venerable Dreadnaught w/ 2 Twin-linked Autocannons and Psybolt Ammunition--- 195 Pts.

And yes I used an Apothecary...I love them for saving my Paladins with all those 1's I get!

GM, Libby, and Pallies go in Crusader, Dread stands back or moves up the board, all the while hammering enemy transports and light tanks. Terminators both Deep Strike near separate servo skulls.


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Re: My Best So Far

Post by Klauzer on Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:41 am

From your post count I'm guessing you're new to the forum, so welcome and such! Anyway, hammer down i shall:

1. Thats a lot of points into HQ's and toys. My favorite GM load out is this:
master crafted hammer, master crafted psycannon, rad and blind grenades (250 points) Lots of MC'd shooting and CC power, with enough utility.
My libby I take sleek and simple:
Force sword, MoT, sanctuary, shrouding, and warp rift (170 points) More of the paper tiger route, but regardless he's still a two wound terminator.

2. Serious lack of fact you don't have any. They shred infantry and pop tanks, which makes them one of the most important things in our codex. Perhaps it would be worth dropping the dread to a normal dread and taking a few psycannons instead. Don't forget that paladins can master craft their psycannons too.

3. I'm not sure that many hammers is a great idea especially when you get assulted by higher initiative units. Two hammers usually works well, which means more halberds and more you cutting things to pieces. Also, the master crafted staves...master craft hammers instead.

4. Don't take psybolt ammo on the LRC. The hurricane bolters are defensive weapons and when you bump them to str 5 they lose that bonus (read up on the defensive weapon rules). Definitely take a multimetla instead of another stormbolter since your army is seriously lacking ranged anti tank.

5. I like deepstriking. It may be risky, but skulls do make a big difference, and its also totally fluffy Razz As a tactical comment, I might suggest dropping the banner from your second termie squad and combat squading them for an increased presence on the table. Also, falchions usually aren't worth their points.

Lastly...I can't sleep so I'll go this far...If I were to rework this list and even give it a competitive edge here's how it would go:

Grand Master: MC hammer, MC psycannon, rad and blind grenades, 3x skulls (265 points)
Librarian: Sword, MoT, sanc, shroud, warprift (170 points)

10x Terminators: 2x NFHammers (one master craft), 5x halberds, 2x swords, 2x psycannons, brobanner, psybolt ammo (500 points)
10x Terminators: 2x NFHammers (one master craft), 6 halberds, 2x swords, 2x incinerators, psybolt ammo (425 points) can keep some cinnies Razz

5x Paladins: MC hammer, 2x MC psycannons, 3x halberds, 1 sword (330 points)

Fast Attack:
10x Interceptors: MC hammer, 9x swords (275 points)

Heavy support:
Land Raider Crusader: Multimelta (265 points)
Dreadnought: 2x TLAC, psybolt ammo (135 points)
Dreadnought: 2x TLAC, psybolt ammo (135 points)

2500 points!

Same tactics you usually employ, but with much more ranged power. Grey knights usually favor shooting over assaulting, and i think this would let you command the field with more versatility. Combat squad the incinerator terminators and strike them in so you can go after more units. Perhaps consider ds'ing your libby with the 10 man squad of terminators? The GM will be plenty with the paladins, so I think your libby could offer more utility from a different squad. I included warp rift instead of vortex because the repercussions of vortex can be dire, and warp rift is a guaranteed penetrating hit on tanks. The dreads will be invaluable against armies like imperial guard and razorspam nonsense. One tactic that I didn't know about for a while was saving a squad of interceptors until turn 5 and then jumping to objectives to infuriate your opponents and steal the win! Anyway, these are just my late night thoughts and ultimately its all up to you!

Finally, to answer your other question, yes, coteaz is necessary for Inquisition armies as he turns henchmen into troops.


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Re: My Best So Far

Post by Zealadin on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:18 am

Welcome to the forum.

As Klauzer said you have too many points in shiny stuff, and not enough actual army in the list.
Two HQ's is arguably overkill even at this points level. 300 points in HQ should be the absolute max. The points are almost always better spent elsewhere, with a few exceptions, mainly being Libs having good synergy with GKT forces.

2 hammers max, lots of halberds, 5 hammers means you'll get destroyed by combat specialists. Halberds mean you'll generally destroy them instead.

Max out psycannons everywhere you can, which in your list means adding like 6... not that many but hugely necessary.

Also due to lacking psycannons you really need the psyflemen dreads, probably 2.

Your pallies shouldn't need the Apoth in a LRC, especially not with the right weapon loadout and with a librarian able to give quicksilver.

BTW never upgrade mastery levels.

The GKT squads are good apart from weapon loadouts, and incins.
The LRC concept is good.
MM on the LRC for sure.
More Psyflemen dreads (2 at least - prob not Ven)

Klauzers list is a major improvement although I would still recommend one HQ, or cheaper HQ's (Inqs), and PsyBolts on the Interceptors (they can really scare rear armour on light vehicles this way)

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Re: My Best So Far

Post by Aubec le noir on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:41 am

welcome on board brother
while i highly respect brother Zealadin opinions, i would stay with the 2 HQ : GM and libbie, because of their different roles and the synergy of those guys.
but i strongly agree with him (and with Klauzer) about the lack of psycannons, and the improvements proposed. I do play same type of army myself.
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Re: My Best So Far

Post by stormknight on Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:58 pm

You can still tie in a inquisition army with a Grey Knight army. There usually better at shooting or assaulting but can do both.

I agree mostly with my brothers.

As for the mastery level 2 on your GrandMaster.. Unless your casting 2 powers a turn it's not worth it - Even if you wanted to do that Paladins have Hammerhand anyway so I wouldn't imagine it better than level 1 in anyway at all.

Also your Brotherhood banner will replace one of the Nemesis weapons in your squad and the apothecary will replace a Stormbolter.

Also you could add another 5man to your Paladin unit already in your list and then combat squad them. The advantage being is when you want to use unyeilding anvil to make them troops.

Think about a teleport homer - It's worth it's points with the amount of deepstriking your GKT will do.

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Re: My Best So Far

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