Summer Clash 2011: Binghamton Tournament July 30

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Summer Clash 2011: Binghamton Tournament July 30

Post by MJSwasey on Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:04 pm

Hey everyone! My local group is having a big tournament in July, so if anyone is in the Northeast US around that time, you may be interested. It'll be a pretty good testing ground if you plan on doing the NOVA OPEN, but otherwise it's a fun day of "bring whatever awesome list you want" with big prizes. Heres the info:

2000 points, no soft scores, Nova Open Missions
$15 entry fee, Sat. July 30th, Jupiter Games in Vestal NY
Guaranteed minimum first place prize of $100 (All prizes store credit)
2nd/3rd/door prizes awarded as well as trophies.
3 rounds, 2.5 hours, 45 minute breaks
Doors open at 9, first Game at 10:00, Expected end time 7:30 (may vary)

All GW Rules/FAQs/Errata and the INAT FAQ will be used. You must bring a copy of relevant rules.
WYSIWYG is in effect, no painting requirements, conversions allowed as reasonable (ask Corralis on ANYTHING that *MIGHT* pose a problem)
Please bring a minimum of 3 printed copies of your list.

You may register the day of the event on a first come first serve basis, however, preregistration is recommended to ensure you don't drive all the way for nothing! The tournament is limited to the first 24 players.
Preregistration: Call Jupiter games (607-729-5910) and prepay for event code 40k730 to preregister for the event.

Current draft of the NOVA Open Missions -
B.C. Adeptus on Facebook -
Facebook Event for Summer Clash -


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