[H]: WHFB Chaos - Beasts and Warriors [W]: listed in body...

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[H]: WHFB Chaos - Beasts and Warriors [W]: listed in body...

Post by kanebbcksc on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:00 am

PM or email me for a list of what I have exactly... I have a Sabol case filled with these models. Will let it go as a large lot hugely discounted for a reasonable trade or cash.

Off the top of my head I have: The full contents of the Chaos Box that had Crom (painted), the special standard bearer, and the Hellcannon (painted), so 24x warriors, 16x marauders, 5x knights, 5x marauder horsemen, etc... (Forget what all was in it).

Also, 24x (I think) Gors and Ungors, 10-12 Bestigors (maybe more), Minotaur Lord (painted) and two other minotaurs (One is standard bearer), Shaggoth (painted), Morghur (painted), Khazrak (painted), Gorthor (patrtially painted), 2x Tuskgor Chariots (1 is painted), Giant (metal, painted), Golfag's Ogres (x5), Galrauch (painted).

There may be more will include a complete list in PM. Will also throw in a large pile of Confrontation metals for conversion or whatever, and all bits if this is taken as a lot. Will provide pics of painted minis, some have won local contests in the Jacksonville, FL area, so they are painted pretty decently (if I'm allowed to pat my back ). Not golden Daemon quality or anything but pretty decent. The rest are on bases and mostly assembled, but very few are basecoated. Sabol case (Original Army Transport) is included too if taken as lot...

I am looking for Tau: Devilfish, FWs, and Crisis Suits; Dark Angels: Ravenwing Bikes, Landspeeders, Vindicator, Whirlwind, Razorback; Ogres: Pretty much any; Grey Knights: Stormravens and Dreadknights, Inquisition (any except Coteaz already got him) and Henchmen (any), GK Termies (new ones), PAGKs (New Ones). Also, if you have stuff not listed here that are of these armies we could probably work out a deal if going for the lot. And of course would be willing to trade it all for certain Tau Forgeworld Items...
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