H: Lots of Space Marines W: Grey Knights

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H: Lots of Space Marines W: Grey Knights

Post by Corennus on Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:22 am

Even though i'm tempted to keep some of what I have as far as models go I really want to get rid of this stuff and start anew on Grey Knights after April

I have for sale:

Fortress of Redemption (complete and painted)

18 Marines with bolters

4 Masters of the Chapter (one missing Storm Shield)

2 Space Marine Bikes

Cato Sicarius

Inquisitor Coteaz (missing left arm and thunder hammer) plus retinue (gun servitor, scribe and acolyte)

pictures will be available if people are interested.

If colour scheme is a problem I can base paint all models black or white before sending.

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