Wacky rpg, the second era. Anyone interested?

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Wacky rpg, the second era. Anyone interested?

Post by Klomster on Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:03 am


A long time ago when i and alot of other people was waiting for mercenaries 2 to come out, i often sat at pendemic forums great game thread and killed time.
Games like zombie survival, world domination and all kinds of rpg's was just a play by post away.

But most of all i remember the wacky rpg series.
The play by post rpg that i had created and spawned a multitude of interesting events, obscene amounts of action and humourus situations all over.
It wasn't serious, not a bit (well, later it became sort of a serious game with wacky enemies, the zombie pingwin ninjas that shot laser was a memorable threat) and the second installment was more of an epic space saga where huge battles and interstellar warfleets invading earth was just part of the action.

The point is that it was fun, and all the players thought so too, and they couldn't wait until i started the next one.
Sadly the 3rd part crashed and the 4th never got started, thinking i lost the edge i quit making it.
Sadly, the epic sagas is now gone (curse pandemic and the ones responsible forever) as the forums have been updated and all old submissions deleted.

I would have gladly shown you it.
But i can throw in something from "Wacky rpg 2.0, space dwarfs to the rescue". The epic space saga.

-Begin dropship assault in T minus 5!!! An officer on subdeck 4 rooars over the screaming dropship engines, dozens of dropships are readied in the hangar.

-T minus 4!!!

Hundreds of soldiers board the dropships, they run aboard, their extended training is showing of as they board in perfect unison, no halts anywhere.

-T minus 3!!!

The huge blast doors opens, the only things seperating the ships from space is the last outer bulkhead door.

-T minus 2!!!

I walk in, my bodyguards is following, i enter a command pulpit above the hangar bay,.

I salute the men, alot of them salute back, those who doesn't are busy boarding, all showing respect for their grand leader.

-T minus 1!!! LAUUUUNCH!!!!

With a sickening rooar the readied dropships starts too hover as the huge bulkhead slides apart, in pairs the dropships leave the hangar, they launch towards the planet below......

Esa homeplanet, EARTH!

Of course the Esa fleet tries too fend of the vast Barackian fleet, but the Barackian fleet is superior in both weaponry and size, the barackian ships dwarf the Esa ones by beeing almost twize as big as them, and they outnumber the Esa fleets.

Esa forces can only commit hit and run attacks as the main battlebarge initiates planet fall!

This is from when my sort of player character (i played the evil overlord that was very awesome) that controlled the barackians, a huge empire consisting of troops strangely similar to the death korps of krieg, and ESA beeing the Earth Space Alliance if i recall correctly.
This is the siege of earth, and it was a grand battle and i think it was this battle that was followed by an epic struggle aboard my mothership.

The point is, is anyone interested in a gm driven play by post roleplaying game?
If so what, i sort of have an adventure ready for you. "The hunt for the deamon tome!"

I can give you some of the highlights i remember from the 1st game, where they quested for the Sleffius arcanum, which actually was the instruction manual for mercenaries 2.
They fought the creators of the game too Razz

And if you are not interested in anything like this, i can come up with what people is interested in.

Or i can just skip it, it's not worth doing if no one will play. So what do you think?
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