+BINERY 000007+ The Grey Knights

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+BINERY 000007+ The Grey Knights

Post by The Legionnaire on Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:31 am

The Grey Knights:

Home World: Titan; Saturn's Largest moon

Designated Chapter Number: 666

Geneseed: Emperor Of Man/Primarch (Largly Disputed I believe the geneseed of the Grey Knights come from the Emperor Of Man himself/Pre-Heresy Marines)

Grand Master: There is more than 1 Chapter master in the Grey Knights, they hold high office in the Daemonhunters. One very famous Grand master is Grand Master Mandulis, one of the few Grey Knights to survive the 1st war of Armageddon (More info on him in Famous high ranking Charecters).

Background Information

Only the best candidates in the Galaxy are drafted into the Grey Knight training and brought to Titan for a strict training Program, During this they must pass the six hundred and sixty six Rituals of Detestation to prove they are capable of with standing the horrors they are sure to face if they pass training. All recruits must show great psychic potential due to the fact the whole Grey Knight Chapter is made up of Psykers. If they pass the training (Which many people don't) they are immediatly put into action (This being due to the small number of Grey Knights).

Famous High Ranking Members within the Grey Knight Chapter:

Grand Master Mandulis:
One of the few that survived the first war for Armageddon, Mandulis headed a force of three hundred Grey Knights on to the Chaos corrupted world of Khorion IX in an attempt to vanquish the daemon Ghargatuloth. None, save the body of Grand Master Mandulis and his Nemesis weapon, were recovered.

Brother-Captain Stern:
Brother-Captain Stern has served the Grey Knights for many long years. His most famous act was when he destroyed the Cult of the Red Talon and banished its instigator, the Lord of Change Daemon named M'kachen. When the vengeful daemon finally returned he vowed to send Captain Stern into the realm of the dead no matter what the cost. He appears on the battlefield to face Stern every chance he gets.
Stern is approximately 400 years old and has battled M'kachen three times so far. Each time, the Brother-Captain has proven his ability to withstand the power of the Daemon and defeated the creature.

Weapons and Armour:
They Grey Knight Chapter is the most well armed Space Marine Chapter in the Imperium. Armed with Nemisis Force weapons (Generally a sword or Halbeard) and a massive suit of Engraved Aegis armour with a mounted Storm Bolter.
Nemisis Force Weapons:
These are sanctified Force weapons, usually taking the form of a sword, halberd or spear. Sometimes a rare Nemesis hammer or mace will appear, though Nemesis weapons can take the form of any close combat weapon. Each is consecrated and anointed with sacred oils, psychically charged, and inscribed with religious scripts that are anathema to Daemons. Original Nemesis Force Weapons had Storm Bolters built into the shaft of the weapon, but newer models separated the ranged weaponry from the Nemesis Force Weapon.
Aegis Armour:
The suits of power and Terminator armour worn by the Grey Knights are incredibly well crafted; anointed and inscribed with prayers and wards, ritually consecrated and psychically charged. Working in tandem with the Grey Knights' formidable psychic powers, the Aegis Armour protects the wearers from the effects of the Immaterium and the Daemons it spawns. The armour's ritual blessings and psychic resonance also serve to confound the perception of any enemy, resulting in an effect called the Shrouding.
As well as its psychic properties, the armour itself incorporates a Stormbolter which, when combined with the skill of the Knights themselves, can be used with equal effectiveness in both ranged and melee combat. When circumstances dictate, the weapon can be loaded with force-touched ammunition.

- Some Information was used from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Knights

NOTE: If you feel anything is missing please PM me.

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