+Inquisitorial 0.00001+ Rules/guidlines For This Section

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+Inquisitorial 0.00001+ Rules/guidlines For This Section

Post by Inquisitor Lord on Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:52 am

Please post a new thread for your Grey Knight history and make sure it is accurate Historic Information.
Please include the Web adress of the site where you gained/found this information.
Also if you feel there is a problem with some history or you think its wrong PM me/The Legionnaire thanks.
Do not post Non-Grey Knight History related topics in this section.

Also please feel free to post up your own Grey Knight History, or even the background of your own Grey Knight army!

Thanks, Inquisitor Lord.

[i]We are the warriors of the grey knights, armoured in faith, shielded by devotion and armed with purity and purpose. But greater even than these, we carry the light of the divine emperor of man into thedark places to purge the daemonic wherever it my be found
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