Grey Knights 1000 pts Flank unit

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Grey Knights 1000 pts Flank unit

Post by Enix on Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:06 am

This list is built for Multiplayer games. Game play tested in was a 2 v 2 Grey Knights + SM versus Daemons + Chaos.

Its built for tearing into an enemy flank as it is a small concentrated force.

1 GKH Brother Captain - Bionics, MCW and Holy Relic - Holocaust
4 GK Terminators 1 w/psycannon

10 PAGK w/ 2 Incinerator - Targeter - Frak and Krak Grenades
10 PAGK w/ 2 Psycannon - Targeter

I found this to be very effective, had my HQ Deep strike in once the Incinerator squad got close and they just layed into the Demons Flank as they started warping in.

Gratz to this lists' Brother Cpt for tearing up a soulgrinder rather nicely.

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Re: Grey Knights 1000 pts Flank unit

Post by Klomster on Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:18 am

Grrr, you stealing my avatar?

You made me really cofused there, i thought someone made a prank on me.

As for the list.....

How will the brother cap shred soul grinders? Unless he has hammerhand.

I see no way.

(The grinder has 13 front armour, against walkers you always hit on front armour unless it is immobilised. 6str +D6 doest compute for killing this thing)

I'd take a grand master if they are going to assult much, takes more punishment with his 3 wounds and has the force weapon of doom!
(Deamonhunters use the force weapon from codex deamonhunters, not the main rulebook)

Give him icon of the just and he is ready to rip!
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