Wave of Death

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Wave of Death

Post by Brother-Captain Validi on Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:13 pm

*This is a recount of the first battle i played. It didn't go too well and made no sense as me and my mate ajusted the rules on the fly. It was a while ago so i can't remember precisly what happened and all the turns. Needless to say, I lost.* Sad

-=Commence playback=-

*The screen's image shows the entrance to a valley. Barbed wire is streached across 1/2 of it. The sky is ominously dark. A squad of six Grey Knights in Power Armour and a Captain make their way to the left side of the valley entrance and take cover behind some rubble. 10 Stormtroopers are keeping their distance but make sure they have a perfect view of the valley. Slowly, the enemy reveal themselves.*

"Necrons," one of the troopers murmered.

"I want a head count," commanded their sargent.

"24 Warriors, sir," said the trooper, "split into 2 groups of 12 and their Lord is with the furthest ones. There's something moving on the ground to the left slope and... well, I'm sure you can see the other one."

*Towering over the rest the C'Tan Nightbringer drove his minions towards them.*

"Alright men, you know the drill, FIRE!!!"

*The Stormtroopers bring their weapons to bear on the 1st advancing horde of necrons, felling one with Hellgun shots and another with a grenade blast. The Grey Knights move out from behind the rubble and blast the necrons with their Stormbolters and Psycannon. 2 more fall but 3 of the warriors on the ground rise up again, and disentigrate two Stormtroopers.*

"What the HELL! They won't die"

"Hold fast men, keep firing!"

*At this point the Nightbringer lets loose a bolt of energy at the Brother-Captain but it shoots over his head*

"The Dice Gods love me!" he exclaimed, after shooting down a necron that got too close a few seconds later.

*More necrons fall, yet most struggle back to their feet, and the Troopers Begin to wonder as their numbers reduce by an additional 2 men...*

"Why the hell aren't they assaulting?!"

*For indeed, instead of taking the warriors in close combat the Grey Knights were still shooting away at them. Suddenly the Nightbringers arm falls off as he moves closer to the Grey Knights and he disapears.(This happened because he was only just glued together and we agreed that I was going to have no chance of winning now that...)*

"VENGENCE!" the grey knights bellowed after the last of the stormtroopers skelatons sunk to it's knees and 1 of their own sucumbed to the gause blasters of the necrons.

*The things that were moving on the left side of the valley were scarabs and are all promply incinerated by the Grey Knight's Incinerator. Spurred on by this the 6 remaining Grey Knights hurl themselves at the 1st group of necrons. The Squads Justicar cuts right through one and 4 more fall to the charge yet 2 get back up. They swing their axe/gausse blasters at the Knights but fail to get past their flashing blades. The second group of necrons fire at the Grey Knights flank and 2 fall. By chance, one of them, in his dying moments, looks up at the right side of the valley and sees the dead Stormtroopers and the few necrons they have slain cheering for their respective sides. The remaining 4 "normal" Grey Knights in Power Armour fall, taking 2 necrons with them, leaving the Justicar and the Captain. They manage to double team one necron but the Justicar falls and the captain gets wounded. Falling to his knees he draws on his last reserve of strength, he lifts himself into the air with psychic energy and devastates the air around him with a holocaust sunny , killing himself and 3 more necrons*

-=Playback is finished=-

-=Deleting humiliating recording=-

-=Done, the chapter's reputation is untarnished, yaay!=-

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Re: Wave of Death

Post by Praexes on Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:02 pm

*At this point and Nightbringer lets loose a bolt of energy at the Brother-Captain but it shoots over his head*

"The Dice Gods love me!" he exclaimed, after shooting down a necron that got too close a few seconds later.

Too much lol... Laughing

Nice battle report, Validi!
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