West Coast Mayhem Tournie

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West Coast Mayhem Tournie

Post by NemesisForce on Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:33 pm

Well, just finished my second tournie this weekend. Five games over 2 days fielding 2000 points. Except for 1 GK w/psycannon I used every model I had. The scenarios were straight from 5th edition with each having a 'bonus' objective. Here are the quick results:

Game 1 vs. Eldar. Scenario: Seize Ground (5 objectives).
My first ever game vs. Eldar so I didn't know what to expect. I got a very good lesson as I was absolutely
spanked with only my two LR's remaining at games end. I got out-maneuvered and out-generaled. Dark
Reapers almost taking out an entire 8-man GK squad in one turn of firing and 8 melta-gun Fire Dragons?
wiping my GM and ret in one round of shooting left my jaw dropping. The only highlight was my Dread going
toe-to-toe with a Wraithlord and beating him. I didn't feel so bad later as my opponent went on to win Best
Result: Loss.

Game 2 vs. Necrons. Scenario: Capture and Control.
This game was about numerous and endless rounds of close combat. My extremely bad dice rolling extended some of these combats more than they should have been. The game came down to 3 close fights. My 2nd Termie squad took out a unit of Immortals w/leader which left a GK squad nearby in uncontested possession of the enemy base. My Dread was the highlight once more as he held up a unit of Wraiths and and one of Warriors for 2 crucial turns of cc. After the Dread was finally destroyed this left the Wraiths and Warriors only 2 turns of cc to try to take my base from a squad of GK's. At games end I had one Justicar still holding the base and me holding his uncontested.
Result: Win.

Game 3 vs. Tau. Scenario: Annihilation
The key to this game was me rolling and seizing initiative. My two LR's and Dread were able to immobilize 2 out of 3 of my opponents Hammerheads in the first turn. One was behind a building and facing the table side so did not have line-of-sight to anything for the rest of the game. The 3rd Hammerhead was destroyed by turn 2 so my Dread and LR's had free reign after that. Seeing he was behind in kill points and that it was too difficult to kill GK in buildings at long range he began to advance his units. GK and Termie firepower took its toll and the game ended 8 to 0 kill points in my favor. Through all this it was a credit to my opponent as he showed the highest level of sportsmanship the entire game despite the results.
Result: Win

Game 4 vs. Eldar. Scenario: Seize Ground (4 objectives).
We each had total control of one objective in our table quarter. By the second turn a unit each of GK's and Termies snagged one objective. Eldar fire wiped out the GK's and a Banshee attack whittled down the Termie squad. By games end only my GM and one LR was contesting this objective. The other objective came down to a prolonged fight between my other Termie squad vs. an Exarch and a half-squad of Guardians. The Termies took out the Guardians but because of the Exarchs 'Defend' thingy I was unable to finish him off by games end. So close as I had managed to get a GK unit inside an LR within scoring position of this objective.
Result: Draw

Game 5 vs. Space Wolves. Scenario: Annihilation.
A grinder against a beautifully-painted army run by one of the most passionate and coolest gamers in my area. I basically set up a huge gunline and was able to destroy a Landspeeder and Infiltrating Scout squad early on which put me ahead. He had around fifty Blood Claws so they had to slowly make their way across the board to get within pistol/charge range. My fire took heavy toll of one squad. I lost two GK squads in cc but managed to take out two of his, a leader and two more vehicles. I think the final tally was 7 to 2 in kill points.
Result: Win.

At 2000 points and being unfamiliar with many armies, I totally expected to get my behind handed to me every game. The first-game massacre inflicted on me seemed to confirm my expectations. To end with a 3-1-1 record was something that was way beyond my wildest hopes. I actually finished 7th out of 21 with the same amount of points as the 6th place player who was running Sisters. Go Inquisition!

The one thing I take away from this Tournie again is playing against and meeting cool players that all to a man exude the highest level of sportsmanship and make this hobby so much fun to play.

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Re: West Coast Mayhem Tournie

Post by Constantine on Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:59 am

Congratulations Brother!!

That sounded like a great tounie, with a great bunch of people!
Was there anyone taking pictures?
It's great to hear that you did so well and had a great time Cool

Any chance of seeing your dread? I remember you saying that you were working on it, but that was a while ago.
Eldar are pretty tricky/cheesy eh! LOL Smile That's why we used to say they were from "Kraft" worlds Rolling Eyes

Was there a theme for the event?

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