GREY KNIGHTs vs Night Lords ... 1500 dawn of war anihilation

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GREY KNIGHTs vs Night Lords ... 1500 dawn of war anihilation

Post by santanero on Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:35 am

Last weekend I got to play again against using my Grey Knights, that I am slowly tunning searching the optimal configuration for 5th edition games

This time I faced a Night Lords Chaos Marines army. We rolled an annihilation game (good for me) with dawn of war deployment (we completely forgot about first turn night fight rules) The Night Lords list was something like this…

- Tzench Demon Prince with wing and warptime
- 1 Chaos termis squad (5) with 1 heavy flamer and 4 combi-plasmas
- 1 chaos marines squad (Cool with 2 plasma guns and power weapon champion
- 2 chaos marines squads (8 each) each with 2 melta guns, power weapon champion and rhino
- 1 chosen squad (5) with pfist and 3 melta guns
- 1 Chaos Land Raider (possessed)

My list, again with some changes to fit more troops in was

- BC with psycanon plus 3 GKT retinue with psycanon
- 2 PAGK squad (7) with 2 psycanons each
- 1 PAGK squad (6) with 2 psycanons
- GK Land Raider with pintle mounted storm bolter
- GK Land Raider with pintle mounted storm bolter

My opponent won 1st turn and kept it…. He kept in reserve (flanking) the chosen melta squad. He deployed the plasma marines and one of the melta squad, joined by the deamon prince in almost the center of the table… As I was not interested at all in coming close to that monster I deployed the mandatory 2 squads of PAGK making a castle in the available cover farthest away from the center. The BC and his termis retinue hide behind that same cover. I failed the roll to steal the initiavie, so we were ready to begin.

1st Night Lords turn
Plasma squad was out of range of anything, so they moved in cover to await the rest of my army. The melta squad moved and then ran towards my castle, detouring a little to reach some cover in the way (not needed, my castle got no weapons at all to deny they their armour saves) Land Raider full of chos termis and empty rhino came in the center of his deployment zone moving 30cm and popping smoke. The last rhino with the second melta squad in, came in the flank where my castle was, but they hide behind a building. Defiler supported this move, but was out of cover to send a shoot at my castle. Fortunately it deviated by a wide margin
1st GK turn
The castle stayed put to perform a saturations fire attack on the melta squad. 12 psycanon shoots… 6 hits, 6 wounds… joined by 22 storm bolters shoots…. 15 hits, 9 additional wounds… to much saves and bad rolling from my opponent translated into 5 chaos marines dead and the squad failing their LD test and starting to run. The BC and his retinue moved sideway to get some shoots through a window against the second melta squad rhino… they managed to immobilize it. Fist LR came behind my castle getting an ineffective shoot at the chaos equivalent. The second LR came in the other flank, joined by my last PAGK squad to try to bait some chaos units away from the main action. Both units joined fire against the plasma chaos marines killing 2.

2nd Night Lords turn
Chosen came from reserve. He wanted them to appear in the flank where my castle is, but they came in the opposing one. Unfortunately (for me) I had deployed the LR of that flank to close to side of the table, so that unit will get 3 optimum range melta shoots at it (lesson to be learned… if enemy got melta units flanking just deploy your tanks 30+ cm away from the sides) The LR is blown away, and the explosion reached all my PAGK and just one of the chaos melta gunners. I passed my 6 save rolls and he failed the only one that he attempted (sweet revenge). The plasma squad poured long range fire on that squad, killing a couple of PAGK (including one psycanon gunner) The second chaos melta squad moved in the building close to my castle and they just reach range to rapid fire on my termis. That rapid fire + melta fire is mostly ineffective, killing just one GKT (and now them are in charge range from my termis). He moved again 30 cm his LR closing in my castle, and is preparing a concentrated assault next turn joining the daemon prince and the defiler to that menace. The battle cannon shot from the defiler deviated again, just touching one PAGK that passed his cover save. Empty rhino tried to remain hidden behind the LR.
2nd GK turn
I left just one PAGK unit in “the castle” as speed bump against the enemy next turn assault. The other PAGK squad joined the BC and the termis in shooting and charging the second melta squad wiping them all… the termis consolidate closing on the immobile rhino (seeking an easy kill point and protecting their on by running away from the main action). Unfortunately the consolidation move for the PAGK squad was too short to move away of the enemy charge range. In the other flank my PAGK squad got a bad difficult terrain roll moving though the crater created by the LR explosion so the failed to charge the chosen squad. They just managed to kill one of them using psicanon fire. The remaining LR fired again ineffectively against his chaos opponent (failing to penetrate)

3rd Night Lords turn
He launched his main assault against the castle unit, using first the combi-plasmas and the heavy flamer to kill half the squad. One termi was killed by a over-heat. In the assault the daemon prince wiped the survivors, so the chaos termis did not ever swing their power weapons. The defiler supported this assault assaulting the PAGK unit. It failed all the “to hit” rolls, but the strength 6 nemesis halberds failed to kill the monster in response. Plasma chaos marines tried to shoot again against the other flank, but they failed veil roll this time. The chosen failed used their melta guns to reduce that squad to 3 PAGK (including justiciar), but they then failed also the difficult terrain roll to charge them.
3rd GK Turn
BC termis shoot and assault the immobile rhino without success. LR continue to pound its chaos equivalent without luck, but it used a second machine inspirited shoot to try to get the kill point from the other rhino. It just shake it. In the main combat the defiler put 2 wounds (assigned to psicanon gunners) on the PAGK, and they failed again to hurt it. On the other side of the table the 3 remaining PAGK shoot and assault the chosen, killing them all.

4th Night Lords turn
The plasma gunners tried to shoot again, and they kill the only 2 model that are in range (justiciar survives) Termis joined the figth of the defiler, and Daemon Prince go on Land Raider hunting. In something like a bizarre results, the PAGK directed all their attack on the termis, killing them all but one (yay for strength 6) In exchange the termis failed all their attacks, but the defiler compensated for that killing another 3 PAGK. Having lost the combat the chaos termis took another wound and the last termi failed his 2+ save.
Neither the chaos LR fire nor the DP charge managed to scratch the surviving LR.
4th GK Turn
Lone justiciar move on the farthest corner to max out veil effectiveness and tried to survive to kept his kp. LR change objective, concentrating all his fire in the easy objective. Normal shoot just immunize the rhino, but the machine spirited one finally get that kill. The BC and the termis finally managed to kill the other rhino, and the hide also to preserve kill points. The defiler combat continues. PAGK’s managed a couple of glances, enough to remove one of the DCCW of the beast, but it answered killing all the remaining PAGK but the justiciar.

5th Night Lords turn
Plasma marines out of range to lone justiciar. Land raider got range for a lasscannon shot, but failed for a wide margin the veil check. Deamon prince managed to destroy my second LR (second time in almost one and a half year that I lost both of them) Defiler hit with just one attack but it is enough to kill the opposition.
5th GK Turn
Not much else to do… BC and termis come around a corner to put some fire on the plasma marines, but this turn they chaos marines passes all their saves.

Roll for a 6th turn a there will not be one
GK Kill Points given:
- 1 PAGK squad
- 1 PAGK squad
- GK Land Raider
- GK Land Raider

Total 4 points given

Night Lords Kill Points given:
- 1 melta squad
- 1 melta squad
- 1 chosen squad
- 1 termi squad
- 1 rhino
- 1 rhino

Total of 6 kill points. VICTORY DANCE for the GREY KNIGHT

But if you check victory points, I has lost 2/3 of my army (almost more, remember that lone justiciar) while killing just the half (or a little bit more) of my opponent army

This mission is seriously unbalanced…. Elite armies or armies not using transports begin with a big advantage. I suppose that making the transport as not giving kill points can be enough, but I am not sure.

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Re: GREY KNIGHTs vs Night Lords ... 1500 dawn of war anihilation

Post by NemesisForce on Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:30 am

Congrats on the win santanero. Looks like it was a hard-fought affair. Actually, IMHO it's a good thing that elite armies or ones w/o transports may be at an advantage here as these same armies would be at a disadvantage in the Seize Ground scenario. With fewer units and transports it would be much more difficult to capture and hold the 3+ objectives.

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