Begginners Battle Report

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Begginners Battle Report

Post by Articus on Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:00 pm

This is the first battle report I have ever written but practise makes perfect. Ok so it was a take and hold mission. The objective was a town square in the middle of a war torn battle field with a few buildings scattered either side. My team consisted of:

15 chaos marines with chain swords and bolt pistols
5 chaos terminators with heavy flamer, meltagun
huron blackheart
30 ork boyz
5 ork eavy armoured nobz
20 dark eldar standard squads. (Sorry I forget what they're called)
12 Genestealers
Hive Tyrant
16 Gaunts

Enemy Team:

2 railheads
12 gun drones
18 fire warriors
3 space marine bikes
20 guardsmen
20 catachan

Odd teams I know but it was just to get a jist of the game.
I'lll only write the casualtes down for each round as there were 10 of us and 9 were kids who were a tad "silly" to put it nicely, I got so many onomatopoeic expressions when taking armour savesit was hard to determine what was going on.

Turn 1
Our opponents got first turn and managed to stay completely still. The casualties were pretty thin as everyone thought they could kill the baneblade with shuriken catapults and such so it was a turn wasted for them. I like the fact that the senior playes watching only mention after they attempt to shoot Razz

In our turn everything surged forward except for the baneblade which stayed still. In the shooting phase everyone ran. The baneblade using it's main weapon fired at the piranha and then scattered onto his own genestealers killing 5 instantly. The demolisher cannon was fired at the piranha again and once more it scattered onto his genestealers killing 2 more confused The rest of it's weapons were not used to even the odds.

Turn 2
Surprisingly nothing moved. A few of the more learned players from the previous turn decided to not shoot at the baneblade. Instead their attention turned to the most dangerous looking models which happened to be my terminators. Luckily for me Only the gun drones were in range at this time. No deaths. Assualt phase no one wanted to assualt so cheers

Again we all surge forward. But wait. There is a man at the door of the store. He calls a name. A boy collects all his imperial guard and moves off the table. He calls another name. The tau player is gone. Since both these players were on my flank and its another 30" or so from the nearest enemy I call it a day aswell. Just as I withdraw from the table everyone else does. Ah well, I learned 40k hurts my legs.

I know its not very exciting or entertaining but gives you an idea of the game we call 40k. Newb style.


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Re: Begginners Battle Report

Post by Brother-Captain Validi on Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:19 pm

Ummm... Well done! You survived the crazy battle of the dissapearing allies!

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Re: Begginners Battle Report

Post by Master of the Ultramarine on Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:46 am

Disappearing allies are annoying but more annoying are the ones that change teams Mad

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Re: Begginners Battle Report

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