2000 pts against nidz

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2000 pts against nidz

Post by meecham63 on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:03 pm

Hi brothers !

Next week I would have to fight against nidz ! My opponent is a competitive player (I am not) and he will face me with heavy cheesy nidz. I think I will face at least 2 exocrines, 2 trygons, swarmlord and at least 40 gaunts.

So my list would be :

HQ :
Grand Master, halberd (162pts) hammerhand

Elite :
Paladins squad (3 men), 2 halberds, hammer (178) hammerhand
Apothecary, sword (90) gate of infinity

Troops :
strike squad (5 men), 4 swords, 1 incinerator (117) gate of infinity
terminator squad (5 men), 2 swords, 2 halberds, 1 hammer (243) hammerhand
terminator squad (5 men), 2 falchions, 2 halberds, 1 hammer (243) hammerhand

Heavy Support
Nemesis dreadknight, psycannon, psilencer, greatsword (215) hammerhand
Nemesis dreadknight, psycannon, psilencer, greatsword (215) hammerhand

Lord of War
Imperial Knight "Imperator Gloria", Paladin, heavy stubber x 2, rapid fire battle cannon, Reaper chainsword (458)

I have 80 points remaining, maybe taking more paladin instead of the strike squad...

I will wait for the nidz wave and use GOI to teleport the dreadknight behind his line, first targets will be the exocrines with the knight... honestly apart from that I do not know how to handle competitive tyranids.

Please enlight me brothers !

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