The Reconquest of Port Molesses

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The Reconquest of Port Molesses

Post by Dark Bjoern on Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:13 am

++++Establishing Astropathic Link++++
++++Link Established++++
++++Begin Transmission++++

To: Sector Command Ultima
From: Theatre Commander Lord General McArthur
Subject: The Reconquest of Port Molesses.

"The Situation on Port Molesses is worse then expected. The Planet is in the Hands of Orks, Tau, Eldar and even Daemons. The abomination of the Xeno know no Limits.
While the Astra Militarum still prepares their landing, Arch Magos Mourndark of the Mechanicum established a beachhead by the might of the Knights of House Taranis and the superior firepower of Legio Astorum. Two Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Wolves and the Carcharodons supported the landing. Due to the presence of daemons, a Grey Knight Task force made immediate planetfall. The final result of the coming battle is open at that point."

We made a small apocalypse battle last saturday. 12000 Points per side. Imperium vs. Xenos/Daemons. The Imperium, under my supreme command got the order to recapture an imperial hive. My side deployed first. hereīre the first pics.

I got 5000 points:
Arch Magos
5 Castellaxe
2 Thanatar
1 Primaris Lightning Strike Fighter
1 Warhound Titan
6 Ritter (2 Paladine, 1 fahrender Ritter, 1 Lancer, 1 Styrix, 1 Castigator)

Opposite of me the daemons, one Wave Serpent with 5 Wraithguards, and a lot of Orks got into Position. To my Support a Culexus assassin took up position

Fearing the wrath  of my Knights the enemy positioned their heaviest Units at my left flank. The GK and SW would have to bear the burden of their assault. One Stompa, one Khorne Lord of Skulls, an Eldar Wraithknight and a captured Ork Knight would be a serious threat. Additionally the xenos had taken an imperial Aquilla bunker with macro cannon in the center of the City.

The enemy got first turn. The greater daemon and a squad ot daemonettes planned to overwhelm the arch magos and the mechanicum. The fiends of Slaanesh wanted to kill the assassin. The Wraithguards tried to kill my Knights with their D-Flamers. Commander Shadowsun infiltrated behind my line with the intention to fire in the back of my Knights. None of it works. Due to the presence of the Culexus the greater Daemon could not use his psychic abilities. He and his foul consorts had not been able to cause much harm to my Castellax. The lost only two wound (like the GD). The Assassin didnīt get any wounds and killed two of the fiends in return. The Wraithguards did nothing. Only the macro cannon of the bunker did the greatest damage and caused five hull points damage to one of my Knights.

Now it was my turn. The Knights started their counter assault. The Wraithguards, the Serpent, the deffdread, the killa kan mob, countless Orks and Daemonettes fell under firepower, the kicks and reaper chainswords of those mighty warriors. The Ghosts took some losses. The Warlord Titan opened up fire at the stompa with his doublebarreled turbolaser and caused the loose of eight hull points. But it was a Mek Stompa and he repaired those damages very quickly. With his Plasma annihilator he killed two dozend Orks and three witches of the Seer Counsil. The Space Wolves started a drop pod assault into the City. Our Calisus Assassin took care of the three Riptides.

The Xenos Assault moved on against the left flank. Space Wolves, Grey Knights and Carcharodons had been forced into the defense.

My Jet tried to kill the Wraithknight but missed entirely. My Lancer flanked onto the back of the Stompa, with six 1 and 2 for to Hit he missed everything too. At the center of our assault SW, GK and Carcharodons made some progress and killed a lot of orks. The Titan delivered only average results in the long range duell with the stompa. Whatever damage i dealed the Meks repaired it. The Knights advanced toward the City. Three Nemesis Dreadknights dealed with the Lord of Skulls and banished the daemon machine into the warp. The rest of the left Flank became a charnelhouse to both sides. The Xenos destroyed vehicle by vehicle. SW/GK/SM and Orks/Eldar killed each other en mass. The Culexus killed another fiend. The greater daemon and the daemonettes killed the damaged Castellax. the resulting Explosion killed another seven daemonettes. The other Castellax caused three wounds to the greater daemon.

In round three the macro cannon killed the Seneschal of House Taranis. the two Knights to his flanks took some serious damage due to the Explosion of their leader. One of them was finished by two lucky hits short after. Lancer and Castigator fell also to overwhelming firepower. The GD and the remaining daemonettes killed two more Castellax. While the resulting explosions killed the daemonettes. The Culexus finished the Fiends.
The game ended in a draw. 5 points for each side.
In the Review of the match i noticed i made some serious mistakes, at my first turn i should have destroyed the bunker. that would have saved my Knights. I also forgot that my Arch Magos got a relic, a mobile Void Shield. Would have saved my some more losses. I placed my Knights in most forward position instead of profiting from their longer weapon range.
But it was still a funny game!
Dark Bjoern
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