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First 1000pt list Empty First 1000pt list

Post by Blk Ice on Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:45 pm

This is my first attempt at a Grey Knights list, I have the Storm Raven for antiaircraft and anti armor, Brothers give me your thought.

Librarian ML 3
Stormbolter, Daemonhammer, Cuirass of martyrs

6 Terminators
5 halberds
1 Daemon Hammer
1 psycannon

6 Strike Squad
5 Halberd
1 Daemon Hammer

Storm Raven
Twin-Linked Lascannon
Twin-Linked Multi-Melta

Nemesis Dreadknight
Sword, heavy incinerator, heavy psycannon, personal teleporter

Mastery Levels: 6

Blk Ice

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