GK vs orks 1850p

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GK vs orks 1850p

Post by Pyriel on Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:59 pm

Had my first batrep using the new GKs.

Vanguard assault, relic mission.

Orks won first turn, nightfight.

Warboss (forgot wargear but claw, evy armour).
Weirdboy lvl 2. Attack squig.

30 ardboys, nob, 3 big shootas.
10 ardboys, rokkit.
Trukk .

12 ardboys, rokkit (in battlewagon).

Battle wagon, non open topped. Battle cannon thingy.

5 lootas
5 lootas

5 killacans, 4 rokkits, 1 big shoota.
5 killacans, 4 rokkits, 1 big shoota.


5 meganobs

Grey Knights:

Librarian, lvl 3.

5 terminators, 1 hammer, psycannon.
5 terminators, 1 hammer, psycannon.
5 terminators, 1 hammer, psycannon.

5 purifyers, 1 incinerator,

5 purifyers, 2 incinerators,

Dreadknight, teleport, heavy incinerator, sword

Dreadknight, teleport, heavy psycannon, hammer

Landraider, stormbolter, multimenta.

5 interceptors, incinerator.

Orks run everything forward, lootas run into ruins.

GK keep 24´range in a line, LR moved 6 towards one loota squad, covers both interceptors and both rhinos.
Sword/inc dreadknights advances toward the other loota squad in terrain. Gorkanaut and 5 killacans are close by.

Everything shoots, killing one killacan and imobbing the trukk in the middle of the table.


Orks move and/or run, everything that hasnt run shoots doing nothing, psychic powers are denied by the GK.

GK, dreadknight that gambled on closing in towards one loota squad jumps 12 and kills the entire squad for first blood.
Everything else stands in a line backing while shooting, shooting does pretty much nothing at all.

Ork killacans and gorkanaut fails to charge the dreadknight that killed the lootas, all else that didnt run shoot killing one terminator, psychics are shut down again.

GK, dreadknight backs 12 goading the killacans to keep trying to charge it, all else shoots while backing. Interceptors behind the LR are now in range to shunt right behind the second loota squad.
Interceprots perform pathetic and with the incinerator and their stormbolters manage to kill only two lootas, they however break and run of table.
Librarian with 5 terminators gate across the table behind the now empty battlewagon with its killacan screen having run to far forward to offer it any protection, shooting only takes of one hull point though.
2 more killacans are destroyed.

The orks are now lured into a spartan trap (buckling line) and completely surrounded by having two units teleport in behind their back lines.

The 30 boy squad (somewhat whittled down in shooting) manages to get a very nice charge of into a 5 man terminator squad and wipes them.
Remaining killacans with the gorkanaut manage to finally charge the incinerator dreadknight but all kans are killed in the melee with the gorkanaut and the dreadknight locked in combat.
Both loose some wounds/hps.
3 meganobs also charge the dreadknight.

The interceptors and some of the purifyers decimate the 30 strong middle ardboy squad that has the weird boy and nob and painboy in it. Again, the interceptors fail to do anything useful.
The interceptors are wiped in the ensuing melee but the purifyers wipe the ardboys, painboy and weirdboy for slay the warlord point.

Elsewhere the 2x5 terminators finally destroy the rest of the boys while backing away from the rest of the killacans.
The hammer dreadknights shoots and charges into the remaining 3 killacans (failing for 2 turns to do any damage with the pie plate heavy psycannon, switching over to the H6 psycannon shots finally starting to destroy killacans) and wiping the kan squad but remaining locked by a few ardboys.

The librarian and his terminator retinue charge and destroy the battlewagon.

Orks are almost tabled with only the warboss and big melee left.
In said melee the incinerator dreadknight destroys the gorkanaut and kills a meganob and suffers nothing in return.

GK, mopping up the rest leaving only the warboss and his 3 meganon retinue left on the table.

Orks loose the remaining ardboys and meganobs to the melees with the two dreadknights, everything gates/jumps/moves toward the warboss and his 3 remaining meganobs (the only ork models left on the table).
Ork player consedes the game.

GK lost 5 interceptors, 2-3 terminators.
Ork player was completely tabled.

I was scared that the GK would loose badly due to lack of anti horde firepower but I was wrong.
Units that did really well were the dreadknights.
The landraider will be kept since it is our only long range anti tank firepower and a good way to cover for interceptors etc.

The interceptors did very poorly but are maybe worth keeping as an anti longfang/loota squad.
The purifyers are not worth taking, they were far from instrumental and need transportationa and luck to be useful.
Terminators are finally balanced but suck against any sort of armour.

The optimal GK army today against most cheesy opponents would be centered around landraiders and dreadknights, either 2-3 or 3-2 depending on the eldar meta
with the rest being terminators as filler.

I can see GK being allied with SM, hammernators with sanctuary would be awesome.


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Re: GK vs orks 1850p

Post by DOMIN4TRIX on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:07 am

Good report and good win.

Completely agree with your assessment of the units at the end and i'm glad Landraiders and Dreadknights no longer compete for support slots (just wish raiders weren't so damn expensive points wise)

A note on the area saturation (heavy psycannon pie plate) there are very few instances I would ever use this over the 6 shots, when shooting at boyz or gants maybe - the rest of the time six shots is best.

Thanks for the report - a good read Smile

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