The "Fall" of Kellersburg

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The "Fall" of Kellersburg

Post by Lupus_Maximus on Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:32 am

Colonel Jan van Liemeke looked out over the battlefield in despair, three days earlier, or was it four, maybe even five van Liemeke had simply lost count, he had been able to call on the full force of the Kellersburg Defence force to stop the onslaught of the daemonic horde ravaging his planet, but now all that was left of that force was three veteran squads of the Kellersburg 7th Irregular Regiment, a Hydra and two Leman Russ commanded by Knight Commander Rudolph van Kuyper and Thimo van Cranenbroek. Van Liemeke’s only hope was that Primaris Psyker Johan Heyneke and his Wyrdvane psykers had somehow managed to get a message for help out, otherwise Kellersburg would surely fall.

=][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][=

Inquisitor Ximénes de Cineros sat at the desk in the Captain’s quarters of the Strike Cruiser “Our Lady of Castanar” his Mystic opposite him “So tell me again Agustin, you have received a call for help from a planet called Kellersburg?” Agustin nodded and replied “It was very weak, maybe sent by only a handful of psykers”. Leaning back Ximénes laced his fingers together and said “And has Brother Captain Lupus Maximus reported anything?”, “No Sir, he hasn’t.” Agustin replied shuddering at the name, the Grey Knight Captain still instilled fear in Agustin despite the fact that the Brother Captain and his force had been onboard for nearly three months now. “Then” said Ximénes “I suggest we plot a course for Kellersburg and reach there as quickly as we can. See to it immediately.”

=][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][=

Brother Pardus stood before his Brother Captain “Sir, the vessel veers from its course, we appear to be headed to a planet called Kellersburg”, Brother Captain Lupus Maximus rises from his chair “Indeed Brother Pardus, it appears that Brother Felis was right, he has already reported a disturbance there and it now appears our Inquisitor has received a plea as well. Be prepared as it as foretold, we shall receive our redemption upon this planet. Let the others know to be battle ready within the hour”.
Brother Pardus salutes his leader and leaves, “So it begins” say Lupus to himself “our redemption through the death of the Daemon X’aspehason is close at hand.”

=][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][= =][=

Pinned down and nowhere to go Colonel Jan van Liemeke calls for Primaris Psyker Johan Heyneke to come to him, the Daemonic forces are closing quickly upon the final refuge of the Kellersburg forces “Did our message get through?” he asks, Heyneke looks blankly at the Colonel “It did, whether we will receive help I do not know”
As they speak a loud whoosh emits from outside, rushing to the fortress window they see the daemon forces under attack, swathes of purple light and grey metal armour decaptitate head and limbs from bodies and the daemonic forces succumb to the pressure and start to dwindle and die.
Van Liemeke grabs his power sword and laspistol and issues orders to his subalterns to muster whatever troops are left to join the attack. Heading down through the fortress he joins the 1st/7th Kellersburg Irregulars as they head out on to the battlefield, firing at will the daemons slowly fall back under the firepower, then the largest Daemon steps forward bellowing at the enemy. A lone soldier in Terminator armour steps forward his sword glowing purple in his hand to meet the Daemon, from its other side another human steps forward a large bird rested upon his arm, without a word both men raise their arms and begin chanting as lightning crackles around them, two bolts leave their hands aimed straight at the Daemon and where once stood a mighty beast is nothing but smoke and ash. The two men look at each other exhausted from the battle and acknowledge each other’s powers.
Van Liemeke watches as the other grey clad soldiers drive away the remaining daemons, help had arrived in the nick of time and Kellersburg had been saved.


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