Alturnative Draigo background

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Alturnative Draigo background

Post by Thunder Shark on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:07 am

Well Most of should know the tale of our Lord Kaldor Draigo stops a demon named M'karr early in his career as a Grey Knight then later carving the name of his predecessor in Mortoran's heart. Then came his naxt and detailed in codex battle between him a M'karr* and was curse to the warp. Many of us hate the story and I do myself.

So here you can make up your own version of Draigo's story. Feel free to be humorous or even have it crossover a series outside of 40,000.

*Disclaimer: M'karr was killed later buy Lord Calgar of the Ultramarine ruining the would be exciting tale by Mr. Ward.

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