1750 w dark angels allies.

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1750 w dark angels allies.

Post by Thraxdown on Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:45 am


Mordrak and friends 400
Intercepted squad, 5 deep one with incinerator
5 man strike squad plain
6 man with a psycannon
Dreadknight w/ pt, sword, heavy psycannon heavy incinerator

Allied detachment
Deathwing terminator squad, assault cannon, plasma cannon, pair of lightning claws

Strategy is pretty clear I think, Mordrak and the Deathwing all come in turn one, interceptor and dreadknight shunt, strike squad one may grab objectives while the second waits to deep strike to support the rest.

Body count is kind of low, but it will hit hard early. What do you think brothers? How would you improve it?


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Re: 1750 w dark angels allies.

Post by volvoe on Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:14 pm

That's a pretty interesting angle of attack! The problem I see is the low mobility of your troops. You'll more than likely get line-breaker and first blood, but what about objectives? What is your contingency plan if the turn one deep strike fails? Let's say they have all their guys on one side of the board, and they bait you into committing heavily on one table edge. If they are using Bikes/Jetbikes, they could possibly Hit and Run or even Jet boost away from your Terminators after they arrive. Rhinos/Razorbacks are always an option for your troops. Another problem could be units arriving from reserves. If you DS onto one table edge, but their reserves outflanks towards objectives or your back line.. then what? And then there's always the problem with flyers and vehicles. I also enjoy playing Mordrak but he's quite risky. I get nervous when he's not joined up with another IC because what if he gets challenged? Or worse, what if he loses the challenge?! Just food for thought. Om nom nom.

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