Gk gun line and counter assault1500

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Gk gun line and counter assault1500 Empty Gk gun line and counter assault1500

Post by BrotherNick on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:44 pm

Sup bros. I've posted a few lists on what I plan to run and this is the latest I have 10 GGSS 1 with halbard 2 cannons 1 hammer and 5 terminators 1 hammer 3 halbard a and psycannons and my he is a Lib. I did this list without my codex hope its right

My list
Lib with 3 powers 165.
Cortez 100

10 GKSS hammer mc halbard 2 cannons psy bolts 260 PTs
10 GKSS same as above 260 PTs

5 deathcult
2 crusaders

3 psyfilmen 405

Land raider with TLLC

I believe that's 1500 exactly. Basic plan is to make my enermy come to me. Cortez uses pre science wher he can and the lib gives shrouding to as much as possible with the death cults in the raider. With 12 str 8 rerollabe and 2 str 9 rerollabes being shot out and my army havering high saves from cover and shrouding I'm hoping they have to try come closer then my landraider meets them unloading the death cults and what's left of the SS move in as we'll.

I gave the SS mc halbards because there isn't much else to take challenges the other powers on the lib I'm unsure I think might of Titan and smite.

I don't know if lib can cast shrouding from inside the LR? If so he goes with the death cults and buffs them further please C and C but note I don't like dread knights or henchmen WA


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Gk gun line and counter assault1500 Empty Re: Gk gun line and counter assault1500

Post by first strike on Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:59 pm

Hi Brother Nick.
Coteaz is a beast, but if you are not useing his ability to get all the inq troops you want, then he can be waisted (still has been expecting you which can be handy). If you can find an other 10 points you can get a normal inquisitor in terminator armour with a psi cannon and 1st level psi. Comes with a 5++ save. Or you can get an inquisitor with a bag of grenades for even cheeper to run with the deathcults.
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