Carnac has fallen. Much woe there is in the Vidar sector.

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Carnac has fallen. Much woe there is in the Vidar sector.

Post by Sai on Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:21 am

Well, the Carnac system fell to the tyranids, but it wasn’t my fault.  Over the four games I picked up three wins and a draw.

Purge the Alien- Daemons of Khorne 1500 points

It was a 1500 point game against a really well  converted and painted army.  Actually, he went on to win the best painted army competition, so needless to say, my Knights looked like they were painted by a six year-old in comparison.

He had a unit of blood letters and a unit of plaguebearers behind an aegis line with a quad gun, but everything else was, well, monstrous.  A soul grinder was the only shooting unit, with a flying daemon prince, a bloodthirsty and Skarbrand forming the assault force, escorted by two units of 8 flesh hounds.  Pretty nasty really.

I deployed in my standard assault formation, my interceptors, dreadnought and dreadknight in cover with  while the terminators, grandmaster and terminators prepared to teleport.
I had the first turn in which everyone stayed in cover apart from the dreadnought which popped out to immobilise the grinder.  The flyers took to the air and the daemon assault force came forward as a line of red while the lesser daemons guarded the objective.  My terminators has a mishap and ended up right in front of Skarbrand while I jumped my interceptors forward and shot the Flesh Hounds with duel incinerators, hitting both units of 8.  While the dreadknight similarly moved forward.  The Daemon Prince was grounded by the dreadnought which allowed the dread knight to put a wound on with the incinerator, angling the blast to hit more flesh hounds.  The strike squad wiped out the last few survivors of one squad getting me first blood while the terminators chipped away at Skarbrand.  The interceptors charged the last three flesh hounds while the dreadknight punched the daemonprince into oblivion.  

After that, Skarbrand and the bloodthirsty ended up in three turns of combat with my terminators who almost killed Skarbrand but rolled a 10 for their force weapons.  Meanwhile, the surviving interceptors and dreadknight shunted to the rear enemy line and incinerated the lesser daemons hiding in the building/behind the defines line, before killing the survivors in close combat.   By the end of the game only my dreadknight still lived while my opponent only had a badly wounded Skarbrand, a bloodthirsty and a crippled soul grinder.  We had 7 points each, so it was a draw.  If I’d passed that one psychic test I’d have been 9-7 up, but it was a good game in any case.  It turns out Grey Knights are pretty good at hunting daemons.

Apocalypse- Necron-Necron 6000 points

It was chaotic in the extreme.  My teammate’s Salamanders held the line while the majority of my 3000 points of knights waited in reserve until turn three when I used the precise coordinates stratagem to teleport exactly where incinerator fire would cause the most damage.  other notable events:

The Salamander line breaker squadron rolled on and obliterated the majority of the destroyers, but in turn was decimated by four doomscythes.

The brotherhood champion killed a c’tan shard in combat after surviving a storm raven crash.

A spider formation destroyed half the building and ruins on the board when it came in from reserve.

An undying hoard of 100 necron warriors marched onto the board leading us to abandon the far objectives.  A 5 man terminator squad survived the initial 76 shots long enough to destroy the last ghost ark of a formation to get a point before being overwhelmed.

Having sniped at vehicles all game the Shadowsword found a destroyer lord sitting next to it spinning a warscythe around.  The superheavy tank reversed and fired at almost point blank range, vaporising the fool.

Eventually we won, 27 to 12

Emperor’s Will- Grey Knights 2000 points

Our armies were unsurprisingly, quite evenly matched.  He had three dreadnoughts with various support armaments, a land raider, a full squad of terminators with an inquisitor with purifiers and a strike squad in support.  He teleported behind me, I teleported behind him and we ended up holding each other’s objectives.  I focussed on wiping out the strike squad and terminators which meant he couldn’t actually claim an objective so I ended up winning 6-2.  Teleporting behind dreadnoughts and using mind strike missiles on them proved to be worthwhile.

The Scouring- Imperial Guard- Imperial Guard 2000 points (1000 from each player)

This was a doubles game, so we had the Salamanders hold the line again whle the majority of the Grey Knights came in from reserve.  The dreadknight shunted on the first turn to assassinate the enemy commander with the incinerator, expecting to draw the fire of the executioner it landed next to before going down in a blaze of glory.  It survived, only taking one wound, and proceeded to tear apart the tank and kill a further four squads of infantry through a combination of fire and doom fist pummelling, denying all three enemy held objectives.  The rest of my knights delayed and destroyed the armoured column moving up our flank, though only two knights were left after the plasma guns, flamethrowers and leman russ had done their work.  Meanwhile the Salamanders dealt with the enemy air assets and held onto two of three objectives giving us a 10-2 win at the end of the game.

Although our faction lost, I came 5th out of 32 players on our side which isn’t so bad, and 18th out of 74 if the winning side were included.  Overall it was a fairly good event without much power gaming going on.  My friend did come up against 9 vendettas at one point, but he still managed to keep it to a 5-3 loss despite having only one anti-air asset.  More indicative of the general approach was that the vendetta player’s friends told him he was a tool for bringing that list to a campaign weekend.  he apologised a lot apparently.

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