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1200pts fun to play list Empty 1200pts fun to play list

Post by Moshi on Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:15 am

Hey everyone,

I've mostly been lurking the forums and trying to get some idea of what should I get for my army. So as a backround information, my friend is playing with Dark Eldar (he doesn't like much the beast/abomination side of the army) and he is my primary opponent who I have and will be playing against mostly. My girlfriend collects Necrons. I have played fantasy battle for a long time so basic rules are easy to learn but we are still learning the advanced rules of 40k.

Now I have put together a list for what I will soon have the models and would like to get an opinion about:

Librarian with nemesis warding stave, hammerhand & quicksilver
5 Paladins with 1 MC DH, 2 psycannons and 4 swords
Venerable Dreadnought with 2 TLAC
10 GKSS with 1 MC DH, 2 psycannons and 6 swords
10 GKSS with 1 MC DH, 2 psycannons and 6 swords

Total 1185, with few points remaining for maybe a couple more psychic powers?

This is what I'm currently aiming for and then I think I'm gonna wait for my friend to get equal sized army. Idea was that strike squads form the backbone and gunline of the army. Librarian joins the paladins and gives them quicksilver and hammerhand while they can activate their force weapons. Dreadnought would stand somewhere behind and provide support fire.

My goal is to get an army that would be fun to play and play against. I've also been thinking would IG provide a nice addition to GK as allies giving more body count?

Opinions and ideas are more than welcome Very Happy


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1200pts fun to play list Empty Re: 1200pts fun to play list

Post by Constantine on Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:26 am

I have read a lot on the web about how including IG with GK is a good combination and rounds out the force well.

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