The Unremembered Empire

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The Unremembered Empire

Post by DonFer on Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:55 pm

So I was expecting this book for quite a while now since I am a big fan of the Blood Angels. And since Sanguinius was so prominently featured in the cover, I thought "hey this is going to be fun".
I will not spoil the fun or anything, but the book shouldn't be called Unremembered Empire, it should be called, "Loyalist Primarchs are Sissies". Man, how much fail is in those guys. Do not include Sanguinius in there since he just makes a cameo at the end of the book, which is my gripe against this book. I mean, the plot doesn't even revolve around the Unremembered Empire. It's a collection of short stories that tie together various heresy books, giving them the ending they deserve. The last 3 chapters of the book are about the Unremembered Empire, which is quite dissapointing to say the least. It's as if Dan Abnett "forgot" he should have written about the Unremebered Empire and dedicated the last 3 chapters (partially), out ot 24, to this pivotal point in the heresy (or perhaps that's why it's clalled UE???). What's worse, the creation of UE felt just like a Vegas Wedding (Do you? And you? Ok, you're married. Now get out of here). And Sanguinius just accepts the suggestions Guilliman feeds him. Just like that, no discussion, no forwarning, no tears, no regret.
Don't get me wrong the book is fun to read, and you get a lot of information for things that remained unanswered. But the creation of the UE is not the central plot of the book, it's just a side story. The main story revolves around the so called "Traitor of Humanity" who btw, is shrouded in so much mystery that even he doesn't know what's he's doing, or why is he doing it.
All in all I was expecting much more screen time for Sanguinius and the BA, instead I got three looser Primarchs that get their asses handed out to them every single time they meet the traitors and two conspirators that actually do strange things against humanity, just beacause they are told to (are we ever going to see them actually explain their behaviour?). Oh, and there's also a cameo of some very old and powerful space elf psyker that actually surpasses yoda in the criptic messages he wants to convey (very funny indeed).
If you read the previous HH books, Vulkan Lives, Fear to Thread, Know no Fear, Mark of Calth, and others, this book binds all of them togehter to give them a very satisfying finale (or an additional cliffhanger in some cases). But do not expect to find anything useful regarding the UE. Just a small discussion, some thinking and a great legion march to celebrate what could have been a major plot point in the HH history.
EDIT: After reading this again, i just hope the battle of terra is around the corner, the primarchs have a really good reason for doing what they are supposed to do, and the Cabal saga comes to a very, very satisfying end. All in all a very much missed oportunity. Abnett is not the best writer to tie in so many loose ends the HH series has at this point in time. In fact, the HH is all over the place now, so I reckon it is a very hard job to try to tie all loose ends, so I give Abnett some credit for this. I just wish he would have also remembered to write about Imperium Secundus.

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