New 2500 point friendly game.

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New 2500 point friendly game.

Post by danflan1712 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:38 pm

I'm headed to Nottingham next week with friends for a doubles 2500 point game. I'll be in with a guard player and was thinking the following...

* Grey Knight Grand Master, Halberd, Orbital Strike Relay, Psychotroke Grenades, Storm Bolter

* Inquisitor Coteaz

* Vindicare Assassin

* Purifiers, 2x Psycannon,Daemonhammer, Sword
* Knight of the Flame Halberd

* Razorback Twin Linked Lascannon

* Grey Knight Strike Squad, 2x Psycannon, 1x Daemonhammer, 2x Halberd, 4x Sword.
* Justicar, Halberd

* Razorback, Psybolt Ammunition, Twin Linked Heavy Bolters

* Terminator Squad 1x Daemonhammer, 4x Halberd, 4x Sword, 2x Psycannon * Justicar - Halberd

* Grey Knight Interceptor Squad - Incinerator (46pts), 1x Daemonhammer, 1x Halberd and 1x Sword
* Justicar - Halberd

* Stormraven Gunship Twin Linked Lascannons, Twin Linked Multi Meltas

* Dreadnought Assault Cannon, Nemesis Doomfist with Heavy Flamer

* Land Raider Crusader + multimelter

* Nemesis Dreadknight, incinerator, sword & teleporter.

C&C very welcome. I'm not looking for a tournament list. Just worried I'm missing a trick??


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