My first Grey Knight List in 5 years

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My first Grey Knight List in 5 years Empty My first Grey Knight List in 5 years

Post by jkw123 on Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:13 pm

G'day guys,

I won't go into it, as my introduction post in the 'community' section should have summed it all up, but I'm getting back into 40k after a long hiatus, and am meeting some mates in a similar position next weekend for a 1500 point battle.

The models I have at the moment I'll outline in a second, but basically I have a few models from years ago when they were metal and we didn't have all the cool options for the nemesis weapons, so they are all pretty stock standard.
I also have some models coming this week (we all agreed to spend about $250) so I'm hoping to get some advice on what to equip them with.

I currently have;

5 terminators + Justicar
(3 with force swords, 2 with halberds)
(5 with Stormbolters 1 with Incinerator)

4 Grey Knights + Justicar
(4 Halberds)
(4 Stormbolters + 1 Incinerator)

(either TL Las or Assault cannon)
(Either CC Wep or Missile Launcher)

Land Raider Crusader

What I'm getting
2 box sets of Terminators
1 box set of Grey Knights
Nemesis Dreadknight
Kaldor Draigo
(The guy also threw in Castellan Crowe and 4 regular Grey Knights)

Excluding what I am about to get, I'm probably around 700 points, so I've got another 800 to fill up.

My understanding so far, reading from this forum and trying to work out strengths and weaknesses from the codex, it seems the common choice for Termies is to go 1 hammer per 5, and the rest made up of Halberds and Swords.

Regardless of the unit, as many psycannons as possible!

The psyrifleman dreadnought is a common choice as well....

Fuck, there are so many choices, and I really am not sure what equips to give the models, so if anyone has any advice as to what a decent 1500 point army might look like with my resources, and any equipment to stay away from or 'must haves' then I'd love to hear it!

Cheers guys!

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My first Grey Knight List in 5 years Empty Re: My first Grey Knight List in 5 years

Post by DonFer on Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:18 am

When I started building my Termies, I grabbed the whole 20 and divided evenly into 3 groups, considering I wanted to build 4 squads. I made 8 with swords, 8 with halberds and 4 with Hammers. I also gave 4 of them Psycannons, which IMHO is the best weapon choice for Termies.
For GK, there is actually no "prefect recipe". I have my GKSS all with swords (even the justicar) and give them a psycannon for every 5, which once again is the best choice. Of course you can also go with Incinerators but in SS they're too expensive.
For Purifiers I have mine with Halberds, and 2 psycannons for every 5. These can also carry incinerators which are worth taking because they're free. You can also go with swords, and keep thos halberd points for future use.
For Interceptors, I gave them all swords and Justicar with Hammer, and of course Psycannon. Incinerator once again is not worth taking as it is too expensive.
Finally for Purgators I take either Psicannons or Incinerators. Even when Psycannons are expensive in these dudes, the fact that they can actually carry 4 of them makes a really nice opportunity for heavy shooting. Oh and the justicar takes sword. Not worth wasting points in weapon upgrades for a unit that will never see CC.
As I said before, there is not a fixed way of equiping your units. Try to keep your units well equipped while not investing too much points in one unit.
Hope it helps!

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