1750 semi-competitive list

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1750 semi-competitive list

Post by bootsandcats on Sun May 12, 2013 1:50 am

Hey all, new to the forums and would like some advice on my semi-competitive pure GK list.


grand master w/ m/c psycannon, daemon hammer, psychotroke grenades - 245 pts

inquisitor w/ divination, combi-plasma - 65 pts


10 terminators w/ 2 psycannons (1 mc), 4 hammers, 5 halberds,
1 brotherhood banner, psybolt ammo - 480 pts

5 gkss w/ 1 psycannon, - 110 pts
Rhino w/ psybolt ammo - 45 pts

5 gkss w/ 1 psycannon - 110 pts
Rhino w/ psybolt ammo, hunter killer missile - 55 pts

5 gkss w/ 1 psycannon - 100 pts
Rhino w/ psybolt ammo - 45 pts

Heavy Support

dreadnought w/ 2 t/l autocannon - 130 pts

dreadnought w/ 2 t/l autocannon - 130 pts

5 purgation squad w/ 4 psycannons - 180 pts
Rhino w/ psybolt ammo - 45 pts

total: 1750 pts

Inquisitor will run with a gk squad and give prescience to the purgation squad. GM will footslog it or deepstrike (depending on opponent) with my terminators.

Let me know what you guys think!


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Re: 1750 semi-competitive list

Post by SmokinBrown on Sun May 12, 2013 8:00 am

Welcome to the forums!

Are these all the models you have available or do you have more?

Personally, I don't like running squads of 5 grey knights, I find they die too quickly so I usually go for 10, that way you're also saving 20 points by not paying for psybolt ammo twice. However, you do lose the option for an extra rhino.

On the grand master I'd swap the psychotropic grenades out for rad grenades, they're much more reliable and arguably better, depending what you're facing. Otherwise he's fine. Are you planning on running him with the terminators?

Regarding your heavy support, I've never been a fan of purgation squads. But that personal choice. A lot of people on here will tell you to go three psyfledreads. I myself run only one, with 2 landraiders (I play Draigowing). You do however definitely need psybolt ammo on the dreads to make them strength 8. This will make them better at popping transports and lighter tanks, aswell as causing instant death on the majority of enemies.

If you merge 2 of the strike squads into one, swap the grenades for rad grenades, and replace the purgation squad for another psyfledread, as well as giving them psybolt ammo, this should leave you with 145 points spare. You could even buy back another strike squad with rino for that. That's what I would do anyway, of course at the end of the day it's up to you, this is just my two cents Smile

Welcome again to the forums.

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