Tau / Necron 2000pts

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Tau / Necron 2000pts

Post by DOMIN4TRIX on Sat May 11, 2013 12:19 pm

At the risk of ditching GK's for power gaming!

Thoughts / comments / criticism welcome

This is the kind of unholy alliance we might face! How would we counter this?

Tau Commander (warlord)
irridium armour (T5 2+)
missile pod
missile pod
2 x shield drones

2 x Crisis bodyguard
missile pod
missile pod

6 x 6 Fire Warriors

2 x Riptide (interceptor)
ion accelerator
early warning override

3 x Sky Ray Gunship (skyfire + markerlights for the Riptides )
black sun filter
smart missile system

Necron Overlord (counter charge)
sepeternal weave
Command Barge

2 x Stormtek's (AV 14 solution)

2 x 6 Necron Warriors (linebreaker)
Night Scythe

Annihilation Barge



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