Easter Free For All

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Easter Free For All

Post by jb317 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:37 pm

Hey folks,

Whilst I wouldn't call this a traditional Batrep, I had so much fun I thought I would share it with you all.

The rules were 200 points from troops only with all rules for squad makeup applying. There were 12 people playing on the board so that's 2.4k points in total. There were 3 GK players. A couple dark angels, a couple nids, one necron (with the only flyer (dedicated transports allowed)), an ork, and 2 IG.

I chose a strike squad of 6 (1 sword, halberds, hammer, psycannon) in a rhino.

The game was objective-based, but with a twist. When a unit (troop or transport) came into contact with any pieces of terrain (ruins /forest) they could roll to "hunt" for an objective IF they were unengaged at the end of their turn. On a roll of 5+ an objective was found. Another roll determined what type of objective. When an objective was found it was represented by a marker that abided by unit coherency rules of the unit that found it (or embarked in a transport if found by one). Deployment was randomized by dice roll (to avoid people making alliances and such).

Sufficed to say out of the 4 people remaining on the board at turn 5, 3 were GK! I successfully found quite a few objectives whilst I was camping my ruins and throughout the game amassed something like a dozen chocolate eggs as a reward for my effort! Very Happy I was also the only player not to lose a single model in the game, but this may have been due to my usage of "Inquisitorial liberty"/bribing (with chocolate eggs) of the nearby IG player to drop his demo charge on some orks instead of me! lol!


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