3K GK vs Sisters of Battle

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3K GK vs Sisters of Battle

Post by Rion on Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:07 pm

Brothers I know it's been a long while sense I've been here but such is life. But anyway. My long talked about game with one of my best friends and his Sisters of Battle seems to be right around the corner (just waiting on him to paint them, he finally settled on a paint scheme). Over the months we've been talking about it we've agreed so far on a 3,000 point game, no mission or deployments have been agreed on, and I've been experimenting with builds and I think I found one that offers some good possibilities. What I know of his plan is Penitent Engines, Exorcists, Seraphim, and I.G. allies, with Saint Celestine as his HQ choice. So here's my list. Followed by a basic but flexible battle plan.

Castellan Crowe
Grand Master (Rion Grand Master/Librarian of the 8th Brotherhood)
-Orbital Strike Relay

Vindicare Assassin (Wilhelm)

10 man Purifier Squad (x4)
-4 Psycannon each
10 man Terminator Squad
-2 Psycannon

Fast Attack
StormRaven Gunship (x2)
- Assault Cannon/Heavy Bolter, Psybolt Ammo

Heavy Support
Psyflemen Dreadnaught (x3)

Aegis Defense Line

Battle Plan:
If the game turns out to be objective, use the Grand Strategy Rule to give my Purifiers Scout to get them across the board quicker (melee will be my friend against them), using their Psycannons to eat up as many troops as possible, and glance what vehicles they can to death. While infiltrating my Vindicare and using his turbopenatrator ammo to do much the same while picking off any and all meltaguns. StormRaven Gunships will so much of the same, but may need one to get Crowe over to Celestine and tie her up with his defensive blade stance. Dreadnaughts start shooting at anything they can. While the Grand Master and his Terminator bodyguard sit tight my objectives (covered in the Aegis Defense Line),and rain the Orbital Bombardment upon them.

If it's Kill Points. Much of the same but replace the Aegis Defense Line, and Orbital Bombardment with Psybolt Ammo for the Terminators, with each Cannon holder getting a Deamonhammer and a Psycannon for the Grand Master. Teleport them as close as I can to their line and start wreaking havoc.

As I said basic but flexible. As per the usual critics, thoughts, comments are welcome and encouraged.

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