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Post by amathan on Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:44 pm

Hey Guys .... err Brothers Razz

I started playing greyknights in may, but have been playing warhammer for 8+ years ?? lol I have no idea its been a while. I have 2000 pts grey knights , as well as dark eldar. In fantasy I have 2000pts of dwarves and 4000 pts of vampires Very Happy

Came across this forum completely by accident, but hopefully it'll be fun. Later I'll post what grey knights I have, and I'll be asking some questions on strategy for some games with my friends 'round christmas.

*edit* oh and I'm Ryan by the way.


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Re: hey

Post by Inquisitor Lord on Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:51 pm

Big hi and welcome plz post pics has this helps alot of new guys and old with insparation. I started playing when i was about 11 im 26 now lol ref grey knights i have used them since they first came out and i think they are the best thing since slice bread even tho alot peps find them a aquired taste. I was a eldar player befor that and had a super cheesy army and got board has i was winning all the time and there was no challeng. What i like about the gk is that you need tactics for the army to work they are a thinking mans army

Welcome and i hope you like the site and plz spread the word has i would love to see the site grow for all the gk players around the world

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