My First Win with Grey Knights!

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My First Win with Grey Knights!

Post by Vecuu on Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:24 am

I am, at my heart, a Tyranid lover (heresy! Razz), and have a lovely little Hive Fleet Hellion that I am extremely comfortable playing with. I've been toying around with the idea of GKs for almost two years now, slowly delving into their fluff and tactics and building up a small Brotherhood as my second force.
The dawn of 6e was the momentum I needed to start up my second force, and I picked up my first three boxes of GKSS in June 2012. Since then, I have been playing against my friend with my GKs (since I have to use more proxies than I would like to take to my LGS). He is way more experienced playing Marines than myself, having what must be easily over 8k points of Marines and many games played with C:SM, BA, SW, and, more recently, DA under his belt.

Well, I finally did it: I beat him with my own Marines! Very Happy

He was running a Blood Angels list housing something like:

1500 Points


7man Death Company
-two fists, two power weapons

6man Assault Squad
-Razorback with TL-Assault Cannon
Meltagun, Meltabombs, (Combi-something?)

10man Tactical Squad
-Razorback with TL-Assault Cannon
-Plasmagun, Combiplasma, Multimelta

10man Assault Squad
-two Plasmaguns, Plasmapistol, Powerfist

Fast Attack:
3 Bikes and an Attack Bike
-two Meltaguns, Combimelta, and Multimelta

Stormraven [Death Company and Reclusiarch in here]
-TL-Multimelta and TL-Assault Cannon

And my list was:


3 Warrior Acolytes

3 Warrior Acolytes

4 DCA, 1 Crusader [Coteaz here]

10man GKSS
-two Psycannons, Daemon Hammer
-Rhino with second Storm Bolter and Psybolt ammo

10man GKSS
-two Psycannons, Daemon Hammer
-Rhino with second Storm Bolter and Psybolt ammo

Fast Attack:
10man Interceptor Squad
-two Psycannons, Daemon Hammer, Psybolt ammo

Heavy Support:

Psyfleman Dread

Psyfleman Dread

I wasn't intending on doing a battle report, but we'll see what I can do for memory:


We rolled for The Artefact, and placed the AA Chip in the center of the board.
I won the roll off and elected corner (messy corner deployment of doom) with the least amount of terrain in it for the open fire lanes. Combat Squadding my GKSSs, putting my Psycannons and Justiclars in Rhinos and leave my other combat squads in some ruins near the center.
My Coteaz Razorback with the DCA is hiding behind the ruins to pewpew a bit and wait for the enemy to get closer.

He deployed cleverly, hiding along his narrow board edge, out of LoS of pretty much everything I own.

Turn 1:
Night fighting in effect.

I decide to use NF to my advantage, and shuffle everything into better positions for turn 2.

He rushes forward, and takes out half of my Interceptors with his Razorbacks (I need to learn to deploy them better).

Turn 2:
One of my Dreads glances a Razorback to death for first blood, and my Psycannons from a Rhino explode another Razorback.
I drop a bike and a couple BA Marines as well.
I shuffle my two Combat Squads on foot and my remainint 5 interceptors further back from his Plasma Assault Squad.

His Storm Raven comes in from his long board edge, and manages to explode one of my dreads with the MM and two missiles, but fails to hurt the other Dread with the AC.
He rushes forward again, and begins shooting with what he can, I lose a couple Marines, but my line stays strong.
His Bikes fail to destroy one of my Rhino, but manage to immobilize it and rip off one of it's Storm Bolters.

He decides to go all in with his bikes and charges the Rhino, but his three Kraks flub, leaving it with one hull-point, which will remain until the game ends.

Turn 3:
A strong turn for the Knights!

I shunt my 5 remaining Interceptors (Jusiclar and four Storm Bolters [the Psycannons died turn one Crying or Very sad), up to my enemy's right flank, ahead of my two central Rhinos.
I rush the non-immobilized Rhino through some barricades and dump my Combat Squad.
I decide to empty my DCA Psyback near my remaining Psydread (which, in hindsight, was a terrible choice, because it could have easily exploded and killed them all), hoping to counter charge the Death Company should they go for the Dread or the Plasma Squad should they over-extend.

My Psycannons from the Rhino rip into the Bikes, dropping another one.
My Interceptors, my Rhino dump, a 4-man Combat Squad, and two of my Psybacks all pour into his Assault Squad, and leave only three models standing: his three Plasmas. Doh!

My Dread misses the Storm Raven.

I assault his Bikes with a Combat Squad and manage to wipe them out (one remained in base with my Rhino, and flubbed the Krak. Again).

On his turn, he moves everything he has left to my Combat Squads, and does as much damage as he can. I lose a couple marines here and a couple marines there, and he elects to charge four of his marines into the four GKSS who killed his bikes.

His Storm Raven swaps to Hover, drops it's payload, Immobilizes my Dread and Stuns it, leaving one hull point.

His DeathCompany fail a 9'' charge towards Coteaz and he loses a DC to Coteaz's overwatch! cheers

Turn 4:
A pretty slow turn for shooting. Neither side has that many Marines left. I kill a couple more BAs with assorted combat-squad shooting and Rhino Fire, but all of my Psybacks shoot into the Deathcompany and drop three of the remaining Six. I disembark my six Warrior Acolytes and start hustling towards the objective to give support (although my GKSS currently own it).

My Dread flubs its shooting.

My remaining three Interceptors fail their charge at the triple-Plas three-man-squad, and I lose one to Overwatch.

A Combat Squad of Brothers charge his DC to eat the overwatch, and then my DCA charge as well. Coteaz declines the enemy challenge, and my DCA do enough wounds for him to roll exactly three 1's on his Reclusiarch's Terminator armor. His handful of attacks thrown at my DCA are either flubbed or passed via my Crusader's 3++.

On his turn, by now his rear deployed Tactical Combat Squad with the Multimelta has drawn closer to the action to add support and, hopefully go for the objective. I lose a couple of marines, and his Assault Marines charge my interceptors after his Sergeant blew him self up with Plasma. My GK win the combat by one, and the last Assault Marine falls back.

I manage to finish off his Deathcompany.

Turn 5:

By now, there isn't much BA presence left on the board. I take out all but one of his Marines, and my Dreadnought fails to do anything to the Stormraven with the one Auto-Cannon that can shoot at it.

He concedes on his turn.

It was a Tough game, and I'm proud to say that I have been learning a lot about playing a Marine army from him.

The biggest thing I have to adjust to is the concept that no unit is disposable until it's going to die anyway. When I play Nids, everything just kind of rushes forward, and if something dies, it's fine, because have five more somethings coming in, which may be even scarier. But losing even a single Marine hurts.

In the end, we chalked up most of his loss to overextending his bikes, and putting around 600 points into a single transport-Flier (which failed their key charge).

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