1750 space marineeeez and guard ally.

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1750 space marineeeez and guard ally.

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:31 am

Hey guys, my friend wants to get into 40k and doesn't want get ##### so I thought I would build him a solid competitive list so he can aim to buy those models and build an army.
After talking to him, what appeals to him and what he wants to use I came up this list:

1750 pts.
Space marine - primary detachment:
HQ - Lysander (warlord) - 200
Pts: 200

TROOPS - 10x tactical squad - 170
1 combi-melta
1 melta gun
1 multi-melta
Teleport homer
Dedicated transport - drop pod - 35
Locator beacon
Pts: 245

TROOPS - 10x tactical squad - 170
1 combi-plasma
1 plasma gun
1 missile launcher
Dedicated transport - rhino - 35
Pts: 230

ELITES - 5x assault terminators - 200
5x thunder hammer & storm shields.
Pts: 200

HEAVY SUPPORT - vindicator - 115
Pts: 120
Total pts: 995

Imperial guard - allied detachment:
HQ - lord commissar - 70
1 power weapon (axe)
Camo cloak
Melta bombs
Pts: 95

TROOPS - 1 platoon command squad - 30
Vox caster
Pts: 35

5x infantry squads - 250
5 vox casters
5 auto cannons
Pts: 325

FAST ATTACK - vendetta gun ship - 130
Pts: 130

HEAVY SUPPORT - griffon - 160
Pts: 160
Total pts: 745

So I've got 10 pts spare, what can I use that on?
The theory behind this list is, alpha strike the melta team with Lysander at the front. Pop a first turn threat to "my" army. So psyfle dreads, lrc. Etc. etc. move up the rhino team for mid field support. And most like blob the guard to hold back field objectives. And the rest of the heavy hitters to do their job.

Now, I tried to make a solid, hard list. And as a competitive grey knight player, I'm worried myself I made the list a little to powerful hahaha I can't loose to him ofcoarse

So comments and criticism welcome and any helpful ideas, tips, strategies would be great thanks.


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