First Game back after 6 months away

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First Game back after 6 months away

Post by Rivan on Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:16 pm

My LGS started an ETC-style local tourney last night. 20 players divided into teams of 5. I haven't played in 6 months so I just generated a basic GK list to start with and get familiar w/ the rules again Smile

1850 pts.
HQ - GM w/ rad, psychotroke & psycannon
HQ - OMI w/ TDA, daemonhammer & psycannon, 2 skulls
TR - 10 GKT (2 psycannons, 4 halberds, 3 hammers, 2 swords, 1 staff; all have psybolts)
TR - 10 GKSS (2 psycannons, justicar has halberd; all have psybolts)
FA - 10 GKIS (2 psycannons, justicar has halberd; all have psybolts)
HS - NDK w/ teleporter, heavy incinerator & greatsword

I was so in a hurry to get the list done (I arrived 10 min prior to tourney start) that I forgot to make the OMI a psyker; forgot the aegis defense line; and forgot to put hammers in the GKSS and GKIS squads lol

Anyway, my team captain matched me up with...daemons (of course!) Smile From memory, opponent's list was:

Soul Crusher
DP or Greater Daemon w/ wings
2 units of 4 bloodcrushers
3 units of 8 plague bearers
2 soul grinders
1 unit of hounds 8 led by Karanak (?)
another HQ or Elites unit I can't remember
1 blight drone

Primary mission was 4 Objectives (20pts)
Secondary mission was: Kill points (5pts); slay the warlord (3pts); Linebreaker (2pts)

Our deployment was hammer and anvil and my opponent chose to go first.

Grand strategy: I made the NDK and the GKIS scoring units. Warlord trait: I rolled on the Personal Traits table and got Immovable Object so my GM is also scoring Very Happy

Deployment: Opponent had nothing to deploy due to DS rules. I deployed my 10 GKT w/ GM and OMI attached spread out at the center of my d-zone. Everything else was in reserve either DSing or coming from the board edge.

1st Turn
Daemons: 2 units of plague bearers came in and landed relatively near 2 of the objectives. 2 units of blood crushers came in along w/ the Soulcrusher and ran towards me. 1 soul grinder came in as well, landed on terrain and immobilised itself. However, it was just barely within range of one of my GKT's and shot its maw cannon but did nothing.
GK: I backed up my lead GKT to get out of range of the maw cannon and the entire unit shot at the blood crusher unit w/ the SoulCrusher. I killed one blood crusher.

Objectives: Daemons - 0 GK - 0

2nd Turn
Daemons: DP came in (zooming mode) very near my GKTs. 2nd soul grinder came in and shot my GKTs. Blight drone came in and shot my GKT's as well. I make all my armor saves Smile The 2 units of plague bearers moved and secured 2 objectives. The 2 units of blood crushers (w/ the SoulCrusher) continued to move and run towards me.
GK: SR came in from the board edge and zoomed close to the blight drone. Fired multi-melta at it and blew it up while TWLAC fired at the flying daemon and caused to fall (failed its grounding test--even took a wound from the crash haha). GKIS came in from the board edge as well, moved up 12" (I made sure to stay beyond the soul grinder's maw weapon). They opened up on the DP and actually killed it with shooting Smile The GKTs had moved towards the DP and were initially going to shoot and assault it, but thanks to the GKIS, they were freed up to shoot at the blood crushers (w/ the soul crusher) and killed 2 more.

Objectives: Daemons - 2 GK - 0

3rd Turn
Daemons: None of his reserves came in. Both soul grinders had range on my GKTs now and fired but I make all my armor saves again Smile The soul crusher detached from the last blood crusher and assaulted my GKTs. 32 Overwatch shots (16 SB and 16 psycannons) killed it cheers
GK: NDK came in 12" from the board edge and used the incinerator to toast 2 plague bearers. GKSS came in via DS and I split them up to land on either side of the immobilized soul grinder. GKTs moved towards the full blood crusher unit and the other unit with only 1 blood crusher left. GKIS also edged closer to lend fire support. SR zoomed 20" towards the immobilized soul grinder and used the TWLMM to take off another hull point while the TWLAC immobilized the other soul grinder. Combined shooting from the 2 GKSS units finished it one soul grinder. The GKIS fired on the full blood crusher unit and caused a wound. The GKTs fired on the same unit and killed 2. They then multi-assaulted both units (one had 2, the other had 1) and finished them off.

Objectives: Daemons - 2 GK - 0

4th Turn
Daemons: His last 3 units came in but extremely bad luck on scatter rolls caused 2 units (the 3rd unit of plague bearers and the HQ/elite unit to mishap and die). The hounds came in and landed near one of the plague bearer unit. The remaining immobilized soul grinder fired on the GKTs again and did nothing. I think my opponent had given up at this point considering I haven't lost a single model yet Laughing Or he was just desperate. For whatever reason he assaulted my GKT unit w/ the 2 plague bearer units that were holding objectives. They barely survived overwatch and of course were finished off in assault. GKT's consolidated to one of the objectives.
GK: SR switched to hover mode, skimmed over to the immobilized soul grinder and destroyed it. NDK used the incinerator to fry 3 hounds and prepared to assault. The 2 GKSS units moved and ran, securing 2 objectives. The GKIS shunted to another objective and shot at the hounds, killing the whole unit.

Objectives: Daemons -0 GK - 4

Score: Daemons - 0
GK - 30pts (20pts primary mission + 5pts KP + 3pts Slay the Warlord + 2pts Linebreaker)

Not a single GK fell in the banishment of this daemon horde! Woohoo!

"Though we face the power of hell, and death is at our side, we fear not, for the Emperor is with us through it all. If we live, we live for the Emperor. If we die, we die for the Emperor. So whether we live or die, we are the Emperor's. We are Grey Knights and this is why we came to be." --Grandmaster Rivan

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Re: First Game back after 6 months away

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:45 pm

Nice work!


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