Death watch campaign "END OF THE IMPERIUM.

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Death watch campaign "END OF THE IMPERIUM.

Post by Liberian Martel on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:08 am

Hi i am trying to make a campain based on the imperium falling apart in deathwhatch and i was hoping someone else has some ideas or even a campaign backround
my general idea was
have each member called back to there chapters one by one for some reason e.g DARK ANGELS sight Cypher near terra
Have the terminus decree and Grey knights and adeptis custodes face off...
have primarchs show up one by one
have the Astronomican go out....
and the emperor give the Order (Via mind shockwave) legiones Promptus (Legions Ready) the chapters reform to there Legions
any tips or info NEEDED thanks
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Re: Death watch campaign "END OF THE IMPERIUM.

Post by sirron on Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:23 am

try read the apocalipse book in the bible!!!

But try to figure out what event would make all these things happen!

the entire tyranid fllete arrived in the galaxy?

gorgutz unified the ork race

the last eldar died

and things like these...


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Re: Death watch campaign "END OF THE IMPERIUM.

Post by Klomster on Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:40 pm

What i would do is first plan this out. As you have begun this topic it shows you are doing that.

So what should you do first? In my opinion, business as usual. Let there be normal stuff to do. Let them get comfortable with their characters and sort things out. I know when i make rpg characters i rarely flesh them out to begin with but later realize things about the character.

For example Karl Reissinger. A character i made for a medieval city management campaign.

He literally was a guy in a cool hat, with a zweihander some armour and and stand in for a noble who should have gotten the assignment but was lazy.

After a lot of not too much happening. And a lot of small problem solving, and just interaction with other characters i defined him a bit more. He got more personality as i got more insight of him.

In the end, he was probably the most interesting character in the group, since he created the most frictions and paranoia.
A princess another player played was much more influential, and had a lot more power. And the secret assassin and the black sheep of the family nobleman was more initially fleshed out characters. But i think mine was more deep in the end.

Enough of my example. You want a bit of random missions with a red line to connect them.
Just to find the dynamics of the group, and the characters.

Then you will want to add things that will hint at what to come. First there might be increased problems with a certain type of alien. Let's say orks.
More and more missions and suddently there is a workflow beyond the capabilities of the group. Here you should try to light their curiosity. What on terra is going on? Why are the orks so up and running suddenly?

It might result in the fact that the hive fleets won the ork war. And orks are (of course not admittedly) fleeing their grasp.

While these missions become more intense, other problems emerge. The astronomicon starts acting up. And the ship is late. Or completely lost.

But everything should always get back to status quo. It should look fine at the surface but on the deeper levels shit is being brought to the fan in bucket loads and guys are beginning to pendulum them towards the fan.

And when it looks a bit better, BAM, then do the return to terra signal.

They barely get back and there and then EVERYTHING HITS THE FAN.

Here is a great powerful scene, but i'm having trouble seeing what the group is to be doing during this. Since you can't just tell all this like some lame cutscene in a game. You want them to experience it. Be first hand on the problem and watch the events unfold.

Just make sure it's awesome. It's a great emotional time-bomb for all the npc's that goes off and so should it be for the characters.
Some people are gonna freak out, some are gonna do unexpected things. Some are gonna dig down into duty, and carry on regardless, knowing in the back of their mind that everything is not fine but creating that facade to be able to cope with reality.

And then.... i don't know what will happen then.
The legions are reformed? The star child returns?

Cool stuff, could be very interesting.

But what about the group? If they (as they should) become a team, a group of friends who has been through all hells that the universe can throw at them (as far as they know)
What will they think about leaving each others?
What about the codex? Or the oath of deathwatch? These are things that should have great impact on the characters.

All in all, know your players.

I might be wrong, your pals might just wants to shoot aliens from 40k. And that can be just fine.

It might be better to just get a big mean warboss and have the entire campaign centered around his demise. A waagh is more than enough for a group of deathwatch marines. And it can prove enough to be a compelling story. Just mix it up with a genestealer cult now and then Wink

All in all, have fun.

Here's some pep along the way.
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Re: Death watch campaign "END OF THE IMPERIUM.

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